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Keaton G Coffey


U.S. Marine Corps



Keaton Grant Coffey grew up in Boring, WA. He was a typical boy who played in the forest and fields with pet goats and his Scottish terrier, Kelty, and collected bugs, rocks, snakes and frogs. He attended church at Good Shepherd Community, and worked at the local Safeway during high school and through his first year at George Fox University. He graduated from Damascus Christian School in May, 2007. And as a boy Keaton committed himself to Christ.

DCS gave Keaton the opportunity to participate in plays, sports, and volunteer for a variety of school and community activities. At school, Keaton developed friendships that were life long. His interests spanned the Sciences and Creation, reading, watching movies, and surfing at the coast. Family travels took him to Europe, Japan and many parts of the US. Keaton developed a keen interest in physical fitness. He was a caring, kind human being with a clear understanding of his place in family, community and the world.

Keaton enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, and began his military career on August 18, 2008. Following his first tour of duty in Afghanistan, Keaton was accepted into K9 School in Texas as a Military Working Dog Handler where he met his partner, Denny, a German Shepherd. Keaton and Denny deployed together in December of 2011.

Keaton became engaged shortly before leaving for the Middle East to the love of his life, Brittany Dygert. They had met only six months prior after being introduced by Keaton’s mother. Their plans were to marry after his deployment in July 2012, and he would finish out his service and continue his education to become a firefighter like his father.

“The ideals which have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been kindness, beauty, and truth.” Albert Einstein

Keaton’s portrait is also on Poster 15

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