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Kraig D Foyteck


I think what most people will miss the most about Sergeant Kraig David Foyteck was how his smile lit up a room, and his laugh was contagious. When he was stationed in Alaska or Iraq he could make the people he loves most smile or laugh from thousands of miles away. No matter what Kraig set his mind to he was able to accomplish.

Kraig grew up in Skokie and was involved in sports from a young age. At Niles West High School, he played football, gymnastics and was a diver. His true passions were diving and gymnastics. While he was known throughout the school for being a goofball, he took his sports very seriously.

He was able to motivate his teammates by writing inspirational poems and encouraging them to always do their best. Even after he graduated from Niles West he continued to work hard toward his goals. He pursued his love of diving while attending Olivett College in Michigan.

Kraig also had a daredevil side to him. He loved his motorcycle, and his wake board and boat. He tried to get everyone he knew to step outside their comfort zone and trying something new, whether it was trying new food or jumping out of a plane. Another one of his passions was coaching diving. His divers meant the world to him. He helped them accomplish whatever they set their minds to, and he always made practice fun. He respected them and their talents and pushed them. His dedication went so far as to picking up his divers for practice and making tally sheets. To keep morning practices interesting, he threw his reluctant divers into the cold waters of the Maine East swimming pool.

When Kraig joined the United States Army in 2003, he joined proudly and with the utmost respect for his country. When he was injured in 2005, he received the Purple Heart, and worked hard during his recovery.

In June 2006, he was promoted to Sergeant, less than three years after joining the Army. He also received battalion coins for his courage and hard work.

Kraig’s other love was his family. His mom, Connie, his brother, Christopher and Grandma and Grandpa, his sister Amy, and his dog Missy meant the world to him, he would have gone to the ends of the Earth for them. He wanted them to be proud of him.

Kraig Foyteck is thoroughly missed by everyone he knew, he touched everyone’s lives that he met. Kraig never wanted people to mourn his death, but to celebrate his life, and remember the good times they shared with him.


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