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Krzysztof Wozniak


Polish Army

Lieutenant, GROM special services

1/23/2013, Ghazni, Afghanistan

Captain Krzysztof Woźniak was killed during an “anti-terrorist action” last night in the eastern Ghazni province in Afghanistan.

Captain Woźniak is the first Polish commando to die in action during a foreign mission. The 36 year-old met his death as insurgents opened fire during an operation involving commandos from the Polish GROM special services, Colonel Miroslaw Ochyra, a spokesman for the Polish Armed Forces Operational Command has told Polish Radio.

Krzysztof Woźniak was on his third tour of duty in Afghanistan, where Poland currently has over 2,000 troops stationed, and has left a wife and three children.

Thirty five Polish troops, including a medic, have been killed in action in Afghanistan, with at least 100 soldiers wounded. Captain Wozniak, who was a member of the special forces GROM unit, it has been confirmed, had served in the Polish armed forces for 17 years. A number of troops were also injured by incoming fire from insurgents, who were taken to a field hospital for treatment.


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