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Michael C Mahr


U.S. Army



Michael will be remembered always as a loving husband, father, son and bubby. His comrades called him “”Superman”” because he was fearless. He would do anything for anyone. Michael consistently put others ahead of himself. He would always stay late to work on the truck and tell his fellow soldiers to go ahead and he would take care of their RG. Michael was a very proud soldier and loved the Army. He never had a moment of regret for the choice he made to serve his country. He loved the Army and everyone he knew dearly. Hooah!

These entries appeared in the Guest Book on for Private First Class Mahr and his family and express many things about this man, this soldier.

02 June 2011 – For Memorial Day, our pastor gave each member of the congregation a picture and name of a fallen service member. I received Michael’s. This act gave me the opportunity to remember Michael individually for losing his life protecting our freedom. This brought new meaning to the holiday. My prayers go out to his family and my heart is with you in sadness. I will keep Michael’s picture in my Bible and will continue to thank him for his service and pray for his family. God Bless You. Kimberly Edwards Roanoke, Virginia

04 April 2011 – We stood at attention as you went by today. We were so humbled by your choice and your bravery. Fly now with Angels and know your task is done and is so appreciated. Wm and Nancy Huff, Beverly Hills, Florida

Stephanie Mahr, Private First Class Mahr’s widow, asks people to understand that anyone who supports those who are serving and wants to help must think about keeping the lines of communication open with everyone deployed. “They need to communicate with their families. Phone cards trump popcorn.”

Michael’s mother, Kim Albury finds comfort in the satisfying life he’d made for himself. Mahr was a family man, happily married with three children. And seven years after his 2003 graduation from South Sumter High School in Bushnell, he’d found his calling. “He beamed when he talked about the Army,” Mrs. Albury said. “He finally found his niche. That was what he was meant to do.”


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