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Miosotis P. Familia




07/5/2017, BRONX, NY

Officer Miosotis Patricia Familia, a mother of three, was assassinated while on duty July 5, 2017. She came on the job in 2005, after working as a patient care assistant at New York University Hospital, and the American Red Cross. She had served 12 years in the 46th Precinct.

Officer Familia’s daughter put her college education on hold to fill her mother’s shoes to raise her 12-year-old twin siblings.

Officer Familia’s daughter stated that her mother was the “embodiment of strength” and “couldn’t bear the thought of something happening” to people who she didn’t necessarily know, yet still inherently cared about. She added: “And every day, ever since I was a kid, ever since my mom became a police officer, I worried about her.”

“One day my mom shared with me that she truly believed that being a police officer was her calling. She would tell me that she really believed that she was making a difference,” her daughter added: “And my mom loved us, and she loved our family, but she also loved New Yorkers, she loved her city.”

Police Commissioner James O’Neill said: “Miosotis, like most cops, just wanted to go to do her job, work hard, live without fear, and improve her lot in life while also bettering the lives of her 86-year-old mother, her two girls, and her son. She epitomized why many people choose to become police officers. Your mom made it her mission to make your home, New York City, a better place and a safer place for everyone.”

The community came to mourn Officer Familia. Deakys Abreu bought a white skirt and a white necklace for the funeral. Ms. Abreu explained Officer Familia had handled a domestic violence case for her in 2005. “She was my strength, she was my heroine.”

Cleopatra Teaque had come, too. She became friendly with Officer Familia in 2011 and came to count on her for advice and encouragement. When Ms. Teaque had a problem with her boyfriend she called Officer Familia, who helped her secure a spot in a residence. The day Officer Familia was shot, Ms. Teaque rushed to the station house, where officers told her, “Your girl is gone.”

Officer Familia’s daughter, Genesis described her mother as a “protector, defender, guidance counselor, spiritual adviser … philosopher, philanthropist, theorist and mother.”


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