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Mychael A Flint

Fort Ann, NY, US

U.S. Navy

EOCN, Amphibious Construction Battalion One

3/7/2011, Camp Pendleton, USA

Mychael joined the Navy 1/13/09. He was stationed in San Diego, CA after completing A-school in Missouri. Mychael was killed in a training accident at Camp Pendleton, CA when the 7 ton water truck he was a passenger in lost control and overturned.

Mychael was known by everyone as fun loving with a zest for life. He always had a smile on his face and knew how to make people laugh when they wanted to cry. He truly affected everyone he ever met. Since we lost him we have heard so many fantastic stories about the love he showed to all he knew. One young women actually contacted us and told us that he was truly a hero. That she at one point had fallen into an extreme depression and was considering suicide. It was Mychael that made her realize that it was not the right choice. So if it wasn’t for him she wouldn’t be here today. He had a love for soccer that started when he was about 7 and began playing club soccer with Adirondack Soccer. He played through High School winning a Sectional title with Fort Ann High School. He even continued playing intermural soccer after joining the Navy. He also enjoyed playing paintball.

While serving as a Seabee heavy equipment operator he found his passion which was driving truck. According to his immediate superiors he was a hard worker, but at the same time knew the secret of having fun while doing it. He had a huge heart, was very sentimental and emotional. Mychael knew who he was and wasn’t afraid to show it and didn’t care what others thought. Mychaels greatest love though was his family. He cherished his time at home and always stayed in contact with everyone. He was blessed with a large close family. This has been a blessing to us as well holding us together through such difficult times. Mychael will forever be missed by all of us. The hole in our hearts will never be filled, and we will always think of his never ending smile.

Proud mother and father of EOCN Mychael A. Flint


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