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Noah Pozner

Newtown, CT, USA

Student, Sandy Hook Elementary School

12/14/2012, Newtown, CT, USA

Noah Pozner was the youngest victim of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He had two siblings in the school on Dec. 14 who survived the shooting, only to find out they lost their brother who at only 6 years old had an enormous personality.

Noah Pozner was a force. A 6-year-old with a personality so great his mother said he seemed to have his own gravitational pull. The immediate void in the home he shared with four siblings was the loss of his purposeful footsteps stomping from one project to the next. Such a young boy seeming to somehow realize that every moment of life was precious.

In eulogizing her son, Noah’s mother said he loved playing, he loved bubble baths, he loved eating sweets. The long-term loss was of course more than just the echoes of footsteps. A family’s perfect orbit was disrupted when they lost the pull of Noah’s mischievous smile. Noah was a twin and his family said he didn’t hesitate to tell everyone that twin sister Arielle was his best friend. He was a little troublemaker, they said lovingly. He wouldn’t always clean his room, and didn’t want to waste time on school work. He was six, and he didn’t have time for those things.

Noah Pozner had plans.

He wanted to be a doctor, and an astronaut and in his spare time he planned to manage a taco factory, making sure he always had an endless supply of his favorite food. He was everything a kid should be. He loved animals, video games and reading. That December weekend he had a new book to read and a birthday party he couldn’t wait to attend.

He never got the chance.

He had plans for the future, ridiculous plans that made his family smile even through their tears. Noah’s uncle called him the backbone of the family. A little boy with a gravitational pull that held everyone together. They hope he’ll still provide for the family he loved through the Noah’s Ark of Hope Fund to help pay for counseling, education and support for his twin sister and their three siblings.


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