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Paul J. Tuozzolo




11/04/2016, BRONX, NY

Friday, November 4, 2016 End of Watch, NYPD SGT Paul Tuozzolo was slain in the Bronx. a 19-year NYPD veteran. About 20,000 officers from across the U.S. and others from Canada, lined the streets outside the church to salute the fallen officer a final time. Father, husband, son, brother and friend. SGT Tuozzolo was one of the good guys.

He spent the past decade assigned to the 43rd Precinct, which stretches from the multi-ethnic Soundview section southeast along the Bronx and East Rivers, through neighborhoods like Castle Hill and Clason Point.

Paul Tuozzolo was raised in Bayville, NY, a waterfront village that borders Long Island Sound.

He was a fisherman. SGT Tuozzolo was a genial, low-key presence in the precinct, according to SGT James Kelly, who worked with Paul Tuozzolo in the Bronx for nine years. “He wasn’t the one telling the jokes, he was the one laughing. He was just a really good guy.” Neighbors remembered him as a good father and a decent man.

Edward D. Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association described SGT Tuozzolo as “very calm, a level-headed leader” who was “ highly respected” by those he supervised and by “all those above him.” Mr. Mullins added, “deep down inside,” SGT Tuozzolo was “always a worrier. He addressed the situation with everything against him and didn’t back down and did what he had to do to help someone else.”

As Austin Tuozzolo prepared for his first day of kindergarten, he didn’t expect to receive a police escort. A support network of family, fellow officers, and members of the community created an online site called Patches4Paul dedicated to remembering SGT Tuozzolo. Austin’s first day of elementary school was full of support and love from Patches4Paul participants. Over thirty officers, family members and neighborhood friends, gathered to walk Austin from his home to the school bus stop.


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