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Paul Magers

Denver, COL, USA

U.S. Army

1st Lieutenant, 158th Aviation Battalion

06/01/1971, Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam

First Lieutenant Paul Magers was born on June 20, 1945 in Denver Colorado. After graduating from Central Catholic High School in 1963, Magers joined the US Army in 1966 while living in Sydney Nebraska. While a member of the 158th Aviation Battalion, Magers represented his country with honor in South Vietnam.

On June 1, 1971, First Lieutenant Paul Magers, pilot, and CW2 Donald L. Wann, aircraft commander, were aboard an AH1G Cobra gunship on a mission in northwest Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam, about 5 miles south of the demilitarized zone (DMZ). Another US helicopter had just extracted a Ranger team from a landing zone, and Magers’ gunship was to destroy ammunition that had been in the area. Before commencing fire, the US aircraft was hit by anti-aircraft fire. After losing airspeed the helicopter crashed, leaving no survivors.

First Lieutenant Paul Magers is one of the countless men and women who had given their lives to ensure the safety of the United Sates and for Democracy all over the world. First Lieutenant Magers dedication and bravery will always be remembered.


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