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Richard A. Mazzeo




09/30/2006, NORTH CAROLINA

Beloved son, brother, cousin, nephew, friend, and boyfriend, Richard A. Mazzeo was born in New Brunswick, NJ on August 27,1986 to Cathie Mazzeo and Rick Rysinski. He was a good baby according to his mother. He was a gifted and talented student and attended Charter School in Highland Park. After moving to Toms River, NJ he went to Toms River High School North with one year of Vocational Technical School. He graduated Spotswood High School in 2004.

As a boy he carried around was his G.I.Joe shoes and insisted he was going to be an “Army man” some day. He loved to read, play video games and especially enjoyed his comics. Ricki loved music and dancing. Animals were special to Ricki as were children whom he always got along with. At 18 years of age, he signed up for the United States Marine Corps and started training on February 14, 2005.

He was a good hearted person who would give you the shirt off his back just to keep you warm. He loved people and had a very forgiving nature. Ricki was an older brother to look up to and a younger brother to be extremely proud of. Ricki has 4 siblings.

After a few months at boot camp, a year of training, and guidance from his Marine Corps instructors, Ricki felt he became the man he wanted to be. He was a proud man, with dignity and the wisdom and strength to move on with life. Most of all, Ricki was a man of honor.

Ricki was in a automobile accident in North Carolina on September 29, 2006. Ricki passed away the next day, September 30, 2006. He left behind many people who loved him. He will be in our hearts and minds forever. MISSED AND LOVED BUT Never forgotten.

PFC Richard A. Mazzeo was part of the few, the proud, the Marines protecting our lives to keep us safe. We all miss and love you.


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