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Robert A Lynch


U.S. Marine Corps


04/28/2010, RUSHIDIYAH, IRAQ

Marine Lance Corporal Robert A. Lynch died July 24, 2007 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was twenty years old. He and two other Marines were killed during military operations in Rushidiyah, Iraq. LCPL Lynch, an engineer equipment mechanic, was part of the1st Battalion, 12th Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division, III Marine Expeditionary Force based in Okinawa, Japan. LCPL Lynch had been a Marine for about eighteen months and had been in Iraq for four months.

Robert Lynch was a 2005 graduate of Seneca High School. He was active in Seneca’s ROTC program and was a strong contributor and well-liked participant to that program. Robert’s friends and family knew that he was eager to participate in the fighting in Iraq.

So much so that he headed straight to boot camp after graduation. He would tell his family that he was going to fight for them on their behalf. This military dedication runs in the family as Robert’s brother Michael also fought in Iraq. Michael noted that he was very proud of his brother Robert and that he would be honored to die as Robert had.

“Robbie”, from Louisville, Kentucky, a bit of a workaholic, but was known to be a little bit of a jokester. He’d be the first to jump into action to tackle a task, but given the opportunity, he’d put a smile on your face. He had many friends in the Seneca High School area and his death and loss to the community traveled to many as quickly as wild fire. Robbie had just been baptized about a year and a half prior to his death and was part of the Eastside Praise Ministry Center. He was convinced that his work as a Marine would make a difference. He was right, his work did make a difference, and especially to those he called family and friends.


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