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Rogelio Santander




04/25/2018, DALLAS, TEXAS

Police Officer Rogelio Santander Jr. died of a fatal gunshot wound received on April 24, 2018. Officer Santander was born February 26, 1991 in Dallas. He had served with the Dallas Police Department for three years.

The Dallas Police Department has been the most important part of his life. Rogelio always wanted to become a police officer. He loved his job. To him, it wasn’t just a duty. It was his passion. He was very proud to be a part of the department and to belong to the Northeast 3rd Watch Division. In the three years he served there, he left unforgettable memories with everyone that knew him.

Rogelio was a young adult who, outside of work, loved to play basketball, soccer, golf, and go to the gym. Most importantly, he loved to spend time with his number one priority, his FAMILY. He was always very helpful around the house, and regularly gave his younger brother, Chris, advice. Rogelio Santander, Jr. is a great example to follow as a person, a son, a brother and an outstanding police officer.

Deputy Chief Avery Moore who oversaw the police academy when Officer Santander was a recruit still struggles with the impact of Santander’s death.

“He was a fun kid, so I would kind of pick on him. And say, ‘Are you sure this is what you want to do? Prove it to me’,” Chief Moore said who later took over as chief at the Northeast patrol station. “He was a good recruit and an excellent officer.”

The Santander family is grateful for the support they have received. Their one request is that they want to see more respect for the officers who continue to serve.


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