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Sean Binnie

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Belfast, Ireland, UK Army, CPL, The Black Watch, 3rd Btn The Royal Rgt of Scotland 5/7/2009, Afghanistan, Woqab, close to Musa Qaleh

Corporal Sean Binnie joined the Army in 2003. Following basic training he joined his battalion in Warminster and moved with them to Belfast at the end of 2005, taking part in the operation to close down British Army bases in the province. He served with his battalion in both Iraq and the Falkland Islands. Corporal Binnie passed the arduous Section Commanders’ Battle Course last year and took command of his section in time to deploy on Operation HERRICK in Afghanistan in March, living and working amongst the Afghan troops.

Corporal Binnie was an enthusiast by nature, with a strong, determined streak not always seen in one so young. He loved his job and was always the first to volunteer for extra courses – often doing them during leave as he claimed that otherwise he simply got bored. He was very much his own man but also a team player, which made him an excellent JNCO (Junior Non-Commissioned Officer). He was very robust, both mentally and physically, and carried others along with his force of personality. He also had a great sense of humor and could laugh at himself as well as with others.

Corporal Binnie, aged 22, was tragically killed during a fire fight with insurgents near Musa Qaleh in Helmand province on Thursday 7 May 2009.

Corporal Binnie’s wife, Amanda, said:

“My husband, my hero – you have been so strong and brave. Our married life has been a short six months and I’m speaking for both of us in saying it was the best six months ever.

I know you have died a happy married man in doing what you loved. We’re so proud of you. God bless you babe.”


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