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Shaylee Adelle Chuckulnaskit



10/31/2014, MARYSVILLE, WA

On March 26, 2000, Shaylee Adelle Chuckulnaskit’s birth, a day God gave us our Shay Shay. Shaylee left to the be with the Lord on Friday, October 31, 2014.

Shaylee was very outgoing, confident, silly, persistent, fearless, and she mirrored God’s forgiving ways. She was also a fighter with spirit and had faith that could move mountains. Shaylee loved her sports. She played AAU Marysville Select for a few years and for Totem MS this last year. Shay also played volleyball for Totem MS.

Shay had so much of God’s perfect love to give, she especially loved her friends, but her love was mostly to all of her family. Shay leaves behind, whom she loved and adored most, her dad Kurt Chuckulnaskit, her mom Lavina Phillips, siblings, her best friend/sister Shania, her brothers Kurtis “Chaska” and Keenan, and her baby/little brother Kaleb James. Shay leaves grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends.

Shaylee had such a radiant personality, crazy humor, and one heck of a beautiful smile! She will be remembered by all her selfies in each of our phones! Shay will be tremendously missed by her family and friends! We will always be CRAY CRAY for our Shay Shay! We also would like to thank all for their support, donations, and prayers from family to the whole nation for all you have done for our family and Shay, she meant the world to us! God has great things in store for each of you!

Percy Phillips, a relative of Shaylee’s and a tribal elder, explained that “I have learned so much from her.”

“This little girl had so much faith, and that faith gave her boldness, and that boldness gave her a little thing we call no fear,” he said. “She loved everybody in a certain way.”


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