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Terry Webster

Chester, England, UK

Army, Corporal, 1st Battalion The Mercian Regiment (Cheshire) B (Malta) Company

6/4/2010, Helmand, Afghanistan

Terry was born in Chester on the 5th of March 24 years ago. He was a joy to us from day one. Terry was my firstborn and as a single parent he immediately stole a special place in the whole families heart. A happy child who always full of mischief and displayed a wicked sense of humor from an early age – this he carried through to adult life always quick with a joke and ready to laugh with a permanent smile on his face.

At school he was popular and gained a wide circle of friends from a very early stage. Terry was well loved and loyal to his school mates and these friends remained close to him throughout is whole school years and even after leaving Chester to pursue his Army career he still kept in contact and caught up with them whenever able too. He was a born leader and was always in the centre of everything – Terry loved having fun and was always ready with ideas and suggestions of what to do next, sometimes these backfired but he was able to laugh at himself and shrug and smile and move forward with a laugh – his friends and family loved his positive outlook on life as he was so full of life and fun.

During his latter school years Terry’s ambition was to join the Army. With this in mind he worked hard academically and physically, training to ensure he was fit and ready for Army life. His determination was rewarded when at 17 he joined up and fulfilled that ambition. From day one in the Army he had found his second home and vocation in life – he loved it! Terry loved his career with passion and his determination and strength of character moved him through the ranks quickly.

Chester was still home and he always made sure that he rang or wrote to me as much as possible. On his visits home he was so full of his new life and his happiness shone through. Terry met his wife Charlotte during his visits home and was over the moon when his first child Jess was born, Liam followed three years later and as with everything he did Terry threw himself into fatherhood and adored his family. During these years his quick humor and smile never changed – so much that he was well known amongst his peers and superiors for his ability to lift any mood with his jokes. Indeed his CO commented that Terry was an inspiration to his younger men who all adored him and wanted to be him.

His career well established Terry was making good progress and became recognized as an ultimate professional soldier. He travelled with his regiment who became his extended family and his loyalty to them and the Army was unrivalled. He became a section commander and was the first to volunteer for early deployment to Afghan – a small measure of his commitment and love for his job. He kept in touch regularly and came home for two weeks R&R to which he was the same Terry we all loved. We are all so proud of him.

Terry was vibrant, happy, loyal and so full of passion and life. He brought a smile wherever he went and was loved by many. I can only be grateful that I was lucky enough to have him as my son.


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