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Thomas J Dostie


Known to friends and family as “Tom” or “Tommy” , Thomas John Dostie brightened the lives of those around him. In the small town of Somerville, Maine, home to only around 500, Tom made a large impact on many who crossed his path. Tom was not a flashy type His quiet and unassuming ways are a continual reminder of his own unique bright light. Coaches, teachers, friends, family and school officials respected Tom’s steady presence and his ability to make those around him comfortable. Tom was intuitive and naturally sought out those in his classes who might be struggling with their work or those who felt alienated. He would make special efforts to make these classmates feel more welcomed and included. This support is remembered by observers who recall Tom helping other students who struggled with senior Business Math. This gift of encouraging friendship and mentoring is priceless.

Tom was a very coachable wrestling athlete who competed in the lightweight class. He was a focused athlete who didn’t brag about being an athlete. Tom was also part of the swimming team and was a mentor to other teammates. Coaches noted that Tom just always showed up , did everything he was asked ,and never said all that much about it.

Tom’s Godfather , John Houllahan notes that people just loved Tom and that he was blazing his own path. Tom signed up for the Maine National Guard when he was in junior high school already demonstrating a passion for the direction of his personal path. Family and friends describe Tom as a young man with a deep sense of pride in his family, his school and his country.

The narrow stretch of Frye Road, off Route 105, in Somerville, lead to the Dostie home overlooking Long Pond and was the setting for Tom’s life experiences. Tom appreciated and respected his parents. He was the son of a mother who took in foster children and helped to organize the August chapter of Heart to Heart a support group for families of deployed military service members. Tom’s father, a volunteer firefighter, Sommerville’s Fire Chief and owner of a lawnmower repair shop was a model for Tom who was also a volunteer firefighter.

Tom’s engineering, firefighting, and team skills were an asset to the 133d Engineering Battalion as the heavy combat engineer unit built roads and airfields, and installed electrical and plumbing systems. Sergeant Tom Dostie was killed December 21, 2004 when a suicide bomber attacked their base dining facility in Iraq.

Somerville, Maine remembers Tom Dostie as a quiet warmhearted young man, with deep love for family and friends, with a talent for mentoring and service, and their own inconspicuous hero.

Dostie died in Mosul, Iraq, when a suicide bomber entered his dining facility and detonated an improvised explosive device. He was assigned to the Army National Guard’s 133rd Engineer Battalion, Portland, Maine. Died on December 21, 2004


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