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Thomas J Brown


Thomas graduated from George Mason University Class of 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and International Politics and was a brother in the Phi Kappa Theta fraternity. After graduation he fulfilled a lifelong dream and enlisted in the Army.

Lieutenant Brown completed basic training at Fort Jackson, SC. He graduated from Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, GA and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant Infantry Officer on April 13, 2006. He completed the Infantry Officer Basic Course as well as the Mortar Leaders School, both at Fort Benning. He endured the rigors of Ranger School and went on to earn his Ranger Tab. He also obtained his Airborne Wings.

In Sept 2007 Lieutenant Brown was assigned to the 1st Armored Division 2-6 Infantry Regiment in Baumholder, Germany. In October of 2007 he was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant. His unit deployed to Iraq on April 3, 2008. He was assigned as Mortar Platoon Leader with the 2-6 at COP Carver, and then in July was reassigned as a Rifle Platoon Leader with the 2-6 Infantry, Alpha Company

Thomas loved life and wanted to experience it all. He loved to snowboard, skydive and was a certified scuba dived. He studied abroad in Madrid, Spain and Greece and loved to travel so he could poke around museums and learn new things. He also cared about people and animals. He could never pass someone homeless on the street without giving them money even if it was his last nor ignore an injured animal without bringing it home to nurse back to health or adopt. Thomas had a never quit attitude as evidenced by his determination to obtain the Ranger tab he proudly wore.

The thing most people remember about Thomas was his infectious smile which when younger allowed him to get out of trouble and as an adult earned him a wide circle of friends. He could always be counted on to make dire situations seem better with a quick comment or gesture. Everyone that met him felt that he made them a better person because of his strong morale character, his passion for life, willingness to take charge, and his love for family and friends as well as the deep bond he shared with his twin brother, Tim. He always placed the wants and needs of others above his own


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