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Timothy D Brown


U. S. Army


11/04/2005, TAQADDUM, IRAQ

On November 4, 2005, Army Specialist Timothy D. Brown was killed during military operations in hostile territory in Habbaniyah, in the province of Abdalluyah, Iraq. He was a member of the Army National Guard, 1st Battalion, 125th Infantry Regiment, Saginaw, Michigan.

Specialist Brown had been scheduled for leave in October 2005, but he stepped aside to allow another soldier who had a family to take his place instead, saying that the other soldier needed a break from the conflict more than he did.

The twenty-three year old Cedar Springs, Michigan resident had a goal in life: to be a professional soldier. As a child he would dress up in fatigues and play war with his friends in the woods. After the September 11 terrorist attacks, he decided to live his dream of becoming a soldier.

In 2003 he joined the National Guard and in June 2003 he was deployed to Iraq as an Infantryman. Known as “Timmy” to many, he was a graduate of Cedar Springs high school. He enjoyed soccer, hunting; and was trustworthy and dependable, an outgoing person always fun and enjoyable to be with.

Via email, Brian kept in touch with family and friends at home. He did so to keep his parents updated and try to relieve some of their worries about his safety. But, he knew well of the risks and noted to friends and family that he believed his fellow soldiers felt they were in the business of doing good things. He really loved the Iraqi kids and liked helping them. He used to joke that everyone loved having the kids around because it meant that they would likely not get shot at.

Surviving him are his parents; a sister; a nephew; grandparents; many aunts, uncles and cousins. Timmy would have been pleased with the military honors in final salute to him.


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