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Zbigniew Biskup


Polish Army

Sergeant, 25 Brygada Kawalerii Powietrznej (25th Air Cavalry Brigade)

12/22/2011, Ghazni, Afghanistan

Sergeant Zbigniew Bishop died on 22 December at the Polish hospital in Afghanistan – announced Operational Command of the Armed Forces. Sergeant Bishop served as a senior technician helicopter Independent Group Airborne Assault. This was his fourth deployment, the second time in Afghanistan.

On Thursday (December 22) afternoon in a Polish hospital in Ghazni in the Intensive Care died Sgt. Zbigniew Bishop – said Lt. Col. Miroslaw Ochyra, a spokesman for the Operational Command of the Armed Forces. The causes of death of our soldiers are now explained by the medical Polish Military Contingent. They have no connection with the activities of combat. Sergeant Bishop was undergoing hospital treatment. The family was informed about the incident.

Sergeant Zbigniew Bishop was a soldier 25 Air Cavalry Brigade from Tomaszow Mazowiecki. Currently, he served as a senior technician helicopter Independent Group Air-Assault in the composition of the Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan. He was 35 years. He left a wife and nine-year son. In Afghanistan, he served for more than two months. This was his fourth mission abroad. Previously, he served twice within PKW Iraq (July 2005 – March 2006 and January – August 2008) and Afghanistan (May – November 2010). Sergeant Zbigniew Bishop is the 36th Polish soldier who lost their life in Afghanistan, and the fourth of the 25 Air Cavalry Brigade. Zbigniew died as a result of an improvised explosive device under the vehicle which killed five Polish soldiers from 20 Bartoszycki Mechanized Brigade.


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