Adam W Estep

Adam W Estep

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U.S. Army
BAGHDAD, IRAQ 04/29/2004

Sergeant Adam W. Estep dreamed of starting a family, graduating from college. He was a great artist and thought about becoming a professional artist. Adam was very active in the JROTC. He was active in the ROTC in high school in San Jose, Calif., and joined the Army in 2000. He was an adoring husband. Adam married his high school sweetheart in February, two weeks before he shipped out for Iraq. Adam found strength and direction in his religion and faith. He wanted to be a dad said his wife of two months, Demara Estep said. Demara noted that her husband lined his letters with sophisticated sketches. “He knew that it was possible something could happen and he told me if it did, move on,” she said. “But he’s just not somebody you can move on from.

Adam was the only son of Kenneth and Ann Estep.  Adam, age 23 was killed April 29, 2004 in a rocket-propelled grenade attack outside Baghdad. A tank driver, and part of the 2d Battalion, 5th Infantry Regiment, 1st Cavalry, Division, he was based at Fort Hood, Texas. Those who served with him in Iraq remember his poise and calm in combat, even while taking heavy enemy fire, inspiring others to fight on.

The crystalline vision of a million perfect tomorrows lives on in the beautiful inspiration of what could have been. Adam shared his caring and loving strength with each and every person he touched.

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2 Responses to “Adam W Estep”
  1. Good day, I want to thank you for this portrait of my son and ask for myself and Karen Meredith that we update the faces in the second paragraph. Adam’s mother was Ann Estep, as I am his father. Karen’s son was Lt. Ken Ballard lost on Memorial day 31 days later. :( Karen and our family were friends in support of our sons when these loss’s occurred.
    Truly appreciate your remembrance, capturing and posting his image and story for all to remember!
    We will never forget.

    Kenneth G. Estep
    Proud father of Sgt Adam Estep
    With Love and Compassion comes Strength and Courage.

  2. Reynold Wright says:


    I know that Demara and I have not formally thanked you for the drawing shown above but we would love to do that. At the moment we have the one you sent us beautifully framed above the fireplace in our new house, It was the first thing that we put up. A little update since we last communicated with you: Demara has just graduated Medical School from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences with an M.D. and is now a Capt stationed at Lackland Air Force Base starting her residency in Psychiatry. She joined the Air Force a little over 3 years after Adam’s death. Her husband’s death inspired her to think about all the other solders who will return home with the hardest scars to heal, the non visible scars which war all to often leaves behind. She has made it her mission to help these individuals heal and the drawing of Adam helps remind her of her late husband as well as her own personal mission. I am glad to see that you have added Ken and Ann’s names to Adam’s memorial page. I think it is important to acknowledge family because it quite often is something that gets left out, so thank you. You are doing a wonderful thing for the families of fallen solders. It’s a huge undertaking and I am so happy there are people like you out in this world. Please email us as we no longer have your address and would love to send you a thank you card and photo.

    Reynold and Demara W.

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