Alexander S Coulter

Alexander S Coulter

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U.S. Army
11/17/2003, BAQUBAH, IRAQ

Since the beginning of the war in Iraq, there was an effort to provide improvements to the quality of life for soldiers, including  such services as Internet and satellite phones. Chief Warrant Officer Alexander Scott Coulter worked to make that kind of communication a reality for military personnel throughout Iraq. His efforts created a seamless flow of communications downrange.

And as soldiers who served with him opened a morale building at FOB Iron Horse in Tikrit, Iraq complete with Internet, phones and American Forces Network satellite TV – it only seemed fitting to dedicate it to the memory of CW Coulter. The construction is plywood, with a tin roof, and on the front, to the left of the door, the sign reads: “Coulter’s Place.”

“CW Coulter gave his life to build these systems just like this all across the division,” said MAJ. Doug Babb

Once the ribbon was cut, members of the battalion streamed through the door, eager to try out the latest connections to loved ones stateside. With the sound of American Forces Network in the background, and the voices of  personnel heard conversing in the building over the phones, web cams, etc., MAJ. Babb noted the importance of the work CW Coulter did for his fellow soldiers.

“We dedicated the building to him because of the impact he had on the entire unit. This building is an ongoing legacy to him and his life.”

CW Coulter is remembered as a loving family man and excellent friend. He was admired for his enduring patience and calmness.

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  1. David Gaddis says:

    15 years… Still miss you.

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