Anthony T Justesen

Anthony T Justesen

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U.S. Army

Anthony was born on April 4, 1988 at OHSU in Portland, Oregon. They kept him in the hospital for 4 days after I went home. He had an abnormal white blood count. When he was little I used to worry about him. The other kids where always bigger than him. I was afraid that he would never grow. That was not the case though. He had a heart of gold. He went out of his way to help people, in any way he could.

Tony had a way of finding humor in almost any situation. He had a way of making everyone laugh.  I remember one night we were all watching TV. Tony all the sudden barked because it was to quiet. I was not surprised that he went into the army. He told me when he was 8 that he wanted to be in the army. Then when he was 9 he changed his mind and wanted to be pope. Needless to say Tony chose the army. He was not sure if it was the right choice, because he did not want to leave me.

Tony spent a lot of time walking with his head down. When he got through basic training, he walked with his head held high. I knew then that he had found his path in life. Tony believed in what he was fighting for and he died doing what he loved to do.

You know one thing that stands out in my mind that I think about often. He called me and said guess where I am. I said that he was in Afghanistan don’t you know where you’re at. He said no mom I’m at the Portland airport can you come get me. He had come home for his mid deployment leave. That was the last time I got to hug my son. I wrote him letters every day. He had so many that he was starting to run out of places to put them. I would like to thank you so much for doing this portrait for me. I will cherish it forever.  

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