Dane R Balcon

Dane R Balcon

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U.S. Army
BALAD, IRAQ 09/05/2007

19 year-old SPC Dane Balcon of Colorado Springs, Colo.; assigned to the 1st Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas; died Sept. 5, 2007 in Balad, Iraq, of wounds sustained from an improvised explosive device.

Dane R. Balcon was the type of student who paid attention to every detail of his uniform, and everyone else’s, to the point that he could distinguish whether they used starch. Becoming a soldier was something he seemed destined to do. Balcon could often be seen with his drumsticks, playing along to his own imaginary drum line. Though some teachers confiscated his sticks, he always charmed them into giving them back. Assistant Principal David Morgan recalled what Balcon told him after graduation. You all will be reading about me in the paper one day, Morgan said Balcon told him. And it’s going to be for something good.

Friend Jamar Harrison said Balcon joined the school’s drumline in his senior year, even though he couldn’t read music sheets very well. Harrison, who plays on the line, said the six-member team became a close-knit family in the single year that Balcon was there.

“We knew we wanted him on the drumline because we knew how positive he was and how enthusiastic he was,” said Harrison, a senior at Sand Creek. “He didn’t make anyone seem like an outsider. He liked to crack jokes, and if anyone was in a bad mood, he’d crack more jokes. He was just a person that brought a smile to your face.”

Harrison said he remembers sitting around between performances during basketball games, chatting about anything, from television shows to music on each other’s iPods.

“We were always swapping each other’s earphones,” he said. “We weren’t supposed to have them at games, but somehow me and Dane would have ours.”

An announcement about Balcon’s death was made to the students at the school Thursday, followed by a moment of silence. Harrison said the mood in the halls was somber and reflective, and students and staff were trying to uplift each other.

“You could tell everyone had respect for him, whether or not they knew him,” he said. “People could tell that it was very honorable, what he did.”

“It’s been very hard for the staff and students who knew him,” Morgan said. “He was so well-liked.”

Balcon was 3 when he told his mother he wanted to be a soldier. Sixteen years later, he tattooed that word on an arm before going to Iraq. He called his mother and told her he was upset because his trip to Iraq would be delayed another month. He was devastated, Sizer said. He said, ‘I’m not going to get to serve my country.’

He is survived by his mother, Carla Sizer, and his father, John Balcon.

Dane’s portrait is also located on Poster 3


3 Responses to “Dane R Balcon”
  1. I am taking courses on Web design to improve my skills. My current assignment (3-2-2012) is to “showcase two pieces from their favorite painters or other artists”. I chose Mr. Reagan because I admire his work. I went looking for pictures that spoke to me the most. SPC Balcon has done so in a big way. Ms. Sizer and Mr. Balcon, you have my deepest sympathy. Looking at this picture brings tears to my eyes. I look at those eyes and that face and I see so very much lost potential. It makes the loss so much more personal.

    Thank you Mr. Reagan for what you are doing and for sharing these drawings with the world. These wonderful men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice become so much more than a statistic when looking at these pictures.


  2. david julbes says:

    The thing I remember most about Dane was his ability to overcome most any obstacles. I spent a lot of time learning from Dane in the earl warren high school JROTC in San Antonio Texas. My fondest memory was watching him and Nick perform as tandem armed varsity drill. He was a great friend and a good man who put others before him self. Always missed never forgotten.

  3. Brianna Balcon says:

    I want to say thank you for this portrait, it really means a lot even though it has been all these years. I remember the last time I saw him, he was always such a happy person and if you weren’t happy around him, that wouldn’t last for long. He has been and forever will be my role model and brother. I love you Dane… Rest In Peace big brother, I know that one day we will see each other again.

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