David J Todd Jr

David J Todd Jr

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U.S. Army

Sergeant First Class David J. Todd Jr., age thirty-six of Marrero, Louisiana, died August 20, 2008 in Bala Morghab, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when his unit was attacked while on patrol by enemy forces using small arms fire. He was assigned to the Afghan Regional Security Integration Command-West, Herat, Afghanistan. It was his first Afghanistan deployment.

Sergeant First Class Todd was a former Army ROTC instructor at Tulane University who volunteered for duty in Afghanistan. A cavalry scout who joined the Army in 1991, SERGEANT FIRST CLASS Todd was assigned to the Orleans Battalion as an instructor at Tulane from 2003 until he volunteered to join a “military transition team,” a small unit trained to help Afghani and Iraqi troops assume control of their countries. Such teams embed with Afghan army units.

David Todd, a native of Texas, transferred to Fort Riley, Kan., in October to undergo the 60-day transition team training program. He shipped out to Afghanistan shortly after completing the program.

He was assigned to the Afghan Regional Security Integration Command-West, which trains and equips the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police, according to the Defense Department. He was in Badghis province in northwestern Afghanistan when he was killed.

Before joining Tulane, Sergeant First Class Todd was assigned to the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment at Fort Polk in west-central Louisiana, an Army spokesman said. Todd also had been stationed at Fort Knox, Ky.; Schofield Barracks, Hawaii; and Fort Hood, Texas, according to the Army.

Sergeant First Class Todd was a husband and father and provided training and care to many others in their quest for improvement and attainment of their personal best.  He was a strong advocate for physical fitness and a fitness center is named in his honor.  A runner, he was also honored by a run established to honor both him and all fallen heroes.

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  1. Mary Todd says:

    In Memory of our Son, SFC David James Todd, Jr.,
    May 26, 1972 – August 20, 2008

    Our son was a soldier that every man wants to be, a father that every man hopes to be, and a friend who was admired and respected by all those who knew him, a true and honest human being that was always there for you. He’s the definition of a true hero, never giving up until the mission was done, and never ever leaving a fellow soldier behind. That was proven in a fierce battle in Bala Morghab, Afghanistan August 20, 2008, where he helped save 12 soldiers. He firmly believed this motto: “no man left behind”:

    A soldier that was saved that day, writes “On 20 August 2008 American Soldiers were involved in a nine hour battle in which a twelve man patrol became beleaguered and in dire need of extraction from overwhelming Taliban forces. Sergeant First Class David J. Todd, organized a quick reaction force of American soldiers and came to the aid of his men. SFC Todd served as a gunner during the fight, and recovered his brothers through a barrage of small arms fire and rocket propelled grenade impacts. He was killed during the extraction of the patrol from the city of Joy-I-Khawaja just 3 kilometers south of Bala Morghab. After the battle of 20 August 2008, the American flag grommets were severed from its halyards’ never to be flown again and it was to be used to drape the body of our friend Sergeant First Class David J. Todd. However, this flag was remounted upon the pole to mark the base during a Taliban counter-attack upon the patrols return. It is because of David’s sacrifice that the 12 men of the patrol survived.

    We will never forget David – our brother. He was a leader of men. David was committed to his men and moreover he loved his family and country. Often we would see him awake at sunrise talking to his love ones. He and the other fathers shared stories of their children and old memories of each of their childhood. One of our favorite memories of David is when his team stationed in Delaram, Afghanistan was preparing dinner. A young soldier attempted to grill steaks for the team, only to completely burn the first rack of steaks. David, pushed him aside and began to prepare the steaks, taunting him for his age and inexperience at the grill. It is a simple memory, but to his team, so was David. He was a proud son, loving husband, father and friend. His leadership qualities are a continuing yardstick for other’s to strive for.

    Our son was a fair leader, always pushing the guys just a little bit more than they thought they could handle, and he knew their potential. What a go getter, never did anyone think to say they were done or couldn’t go on, in SFC Todd’s platoon that just wouldn’t fly. His troops will never forget his love for that darn cup of coffee! Even in the miserably hot, humid temperatures of Fort Polk, Iraq or Afghanistan you would never see him without a cup of java in his hand! (or on his desk) When K TRP was deployed to Iraq the request from our son was “send more coffee!” That I did, coffee, barbeque sauce, and beef jerky, were his favorites!

    One of his friends stated: “He’s a wonderful man and will be missed terribly.
    To Dave’s fellow soldiers: make SFC Todd proud. Go a little above and beyond, take charge; show a fellow soldier the “way” just as he did for you, give 110% every day, you know he wouldn’t accept any less from you! Never forget the sacrifices he and other hero’s like him have made for us, we should forever be thankful to them and their families. Thanks Dave for all the memories, laughs, and good times. Rest in peace my friend; your job here is done. Scouts out!

    Our son’s passing is extremely painful; he was the older of two children. He and his sister, Stephanie were very close, even though the miles separated them, their love for each other followed them throughout their lives. People have said “time heals all wounds”. I have a different outlook on something like this; I see that our lives have changed and it will be like this forever. Holidays, birthdays, special occasion’s etc., are so painful it is indescribable.

    “No greater love is that of a soldier to lay down his life for his fellow man”.
    Love mom

  2. Mary, you made me cry….how proud you are of David, me too!!!! R.I.P. David Todd, never forgotten…..HERO !!!!! thanks for your service and sacrifice for all of us.

  3. mary todd says:

    Thank you Patricia, he is a true Hero and his ultimate sacrifice to his country on August 20, 2008, showed his love for his Brothers in Arm and lived to the motto he always believed in “No Man Left Behind”. He is our Hero, our son, brother, father, husband and he left us with many wonderful and loving memories . Not a day goes by that David is not missed or loved. Our “Missing him and our Love for him” will forever be there as long as we live. Thank you!

  4. Alamhir Gutierrez says:

    Good afternoon, Mrs. Mary Todd. I am Alamhir Gutierrez, a graduate of Tulane University and a good friend of your son David. I recently found out about your son’s passing and wanted to wish my wishes to you, his children and your family. Your son has done so much to me in encouraging to compete in weightlifting and Strongman. Because of him, I accomplished more than I ever thought I could. You raised a fine young man. Because of him I won a competition which I never thought I ever could win, If it is okay with you I want to send the trophy your son helped me win and let you have it if that is okay with you.

    My email is fcbalamhir@gmail.com and I hope to hear more about your son :)


  5. Mary Todd says:

    Mr. Gutierrez, I just saw your message and I sent you an email in response. Thank you so much for your kind words and message of our son. I cannot begin to tell you how much it meant to us. I am also so proud of you in your accomplishment and I know if Dave was here, he would be saying the same thing. He loved weight lifting, jogging and anything that dealt with physical fitness. Both my son and daughter are very much into the physical fitness world. Thank you so much in reaching out to us, it means so much to us!!!
    God Bless
    Mary Todd and family

  6. Victoria Keith says:

    Mrs Todd, it was such a pleasure to meet you and your husband today at Arlington Cemetery! Today is day that my children and I will never forget, as you put a face to what what MemorialDay is all about! Thank you and your son and your husband and family for your sacrifice !! And thank you for the dog tag you gave me today! Every time we look at it, we will pray for you and your family! God Bless you!!

  7. Mary Todd says:

    Mrs Victoria Keith, the pleasure and memorable day meeting your family is one we will always remember. I was so “touched” by your 3 son’s Honoring our son, by giving this mother a Rose on that day at Arlington Cemetery, These beautiful and thoughtful flowers will always remind me of the day your son’s gift touched my heart. You have such a Beautiful family, may God Bless you all. “Thank You all”

  8. Jemal Beale says:

    RIP SFC David Todd!

    You will not be forgotten. JJB

  9. Elaine says:

    Hello Mary,
    I often passed the bridge I believe is dedicated to your son on Jones Maltsberger near McAllister park in San Antonio Texas. I finally decided that I need to see who the man behind the dedication belonged to. I believe it is your son. I love your tribute to your son and he sounds like an amazing young man. I just recently visited my daughter who is stationed in New Orleans, LA (Coast Guard Air Station NOLA) and then traveled 4 more hours heading back home to visit my son who was training at Ft. Polk (Army Special Forces Candidate) this past month. I know there are no words from me that may comfort you and your family but do know that I think of David every time I go over the bridge. What would it take to bring life (paint a flag, army emblem, something) to the bridge in David’s memory? I’ve seen other bridges dedicated in San Antonio and would be a willing volunteer to do something, anything to honor David. If this is not something you are in agreement with, just know that I think of David and his sacrifice to our great country. Elaine

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