Durrell L Bennett

Durrell L Bennett

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U.S. Army
BAGHDAD, IRAQ 03/29/2008

Army Specialist Durrell L. Bennett wrote songs throughout high school and wanted to be a music producer. His dad urged him to hit the books and focus on more practical pursuits. In his high school years, “he and I would battle about that” his father said. But he was determined.

Bennett’s MySpace page read: Most of my spare time i love to do music thats my first love, im not tryin too make it big or anything like everybody else. This is just a hobby, but if it happens i wont complain.

Bennett, 22, of Spanaway, Wash., was killed March 29, 2008-just a few days prior to returning home-in Baghdad, Iraq, of wounds from an explosive and small-arms fire.

“We were elated about him coming home. It was about a joyous time and him getting here. We were looking forward to seeing him,” said his mother Doris Bennett.

“He says Dad I am out of here. I’ll see you. I said OK son I will see you next weekend. The next day I got the message,” said Dempsey Bennett, Durrell’s father.

When he returned home, Bennett planned to rent an apartment, where he and brother Darnell could live after the younger man graduated this year. He wanted to see me go to college, Darnell Bennett said. He was going to let me stay with him and he was going to help pay for my college. He was going to get his life set and we were going to get things started together.

“He was a joy, he was a joy,” said Doris Bennett. “He just loved people and he did as much for people as he could and he gave of himself,” said Doris.

He was a 2004 graduate of Bethel High School where he excelled, said his parents. He was a member of choir dance step team, the debate team, and the football team. He also was homecoming king. Bennett’s family remembers the kind-hearted soul who followed his father’s footsteps into the military.

“He actually told me he wanted to be like me, he wanted to be like me. He did well,” said Dempsey Bennett. “He was dedicated for what he was doing to his country. He loved being a soldier, he loved serving his country,” said Doris Bennett.

Bennett was part of the 4th Brigade, 1st Infantry Division at Fort Riley, Kan. He just re-enlisted for six more years.

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4 Responses to “Durrell L Bennett”
  1. Doris Bennett says:

    Dear Mr. Reagan,

    I am the mother of Fallen Hero, CPL Durrell L Bennett, Iraq War. I want to say to you, thank you. God has blessed you to give a gift to others that is endearing and so profound. Your gift to me and my family has been immeasurable beyond words can explain.

    The Portrait of my son brings me joy. When I look at his Portrait; I smile, I cry, I dream, I hope, I see his love for others, I miss him…. So, thank you Mr. Reagan. I hope one day I will have the honor to meet you personally and thank you.

    Just a short story I would like to share. My son came home on his break from Iraq and he was so happy to be home to see us and his friends. His friends took allot of his time; it seemed as if he just tried to be with everyone as much as he could. I tried each day to have our family take a family portrait before his time at home ended to leave back to Iraq. Each time I would ask him about taking the portrait, he would seem to avoid going to take the portrait. He would say, “mom we can take it when I get back home”. In my heart I think he wanted to wait until he got back from Iraq of his completed tour. We did not get that family portrait. The day before he left we snapped some pictures just kidding around and I have one where I just lifted him up and held him in my arms. He felt as light as the day he was born when I carried him in my arms. He said to me, “mom, I am a man now, you can’t pick me up” but I did. I did not tell him he was as light as a feather to me. I just kissed him on his cheeks and told him I love him. He also hugged his brother as though he did not want to let him go and they clasped each others hands as to say to each other we will be alright and we will see each other soon.

    Thank you for listening to my story…. CPL Durrell L Bennett is my hero, our hero. I miss him. My family, Dempsey Bennett, Darnell Bennett, thank you.

  2. Jessica kim says:

    The man in this photo was such an amazing person!!!! I was lucky enough to have been close with him for almost 10 years. We met the very first day of 7th grade. He and I were very involved in music from a young age. We were involved in many after school choir groups that allowed us to spend a lot of time together ourside of school. It was the trips to different performances that I got to have some off the deepest conversations with him these are some of my most cherished memories with him he was such a well rounded person! In his life he had known pain that made him empathetic he knew joy which made him happy and always smiling but mostly he knew love from his wonderful parents brother/family and friends he was sooo loved and because of that he loved like no other. If you were in his heart he made sure you knew it! He was such a beautiful person inside and out! His heart and soul were gold! This world truly lost something so amazing and precious the day he passed. I miss him soooo much. I miss his laugh, I miss his voice. I can not wait for the day I’m able to talk to him again. I miss his smile how it lit up the room and you couldnt help but smile with him and most of all I miss the way you could see right into his soul through his gorgeous brown eyes! This drawing captures the way you could see into him through his eyes! It’s fantastic!!!
    Durrell Lavoy Bennett you have always been loved and will always be missed!!!!

  3. Lindsey Roberts says:

    NEVER forgotten, always loved by anyone who knew him, and always missed.

  4. Shawn Green says:

    I remember Durrell as a young man who lived across the street from me. The news of his death was especially hard as I had just commissioned in the Army. The Bennett family will always have a place in my heart.

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