Garrywesley T Rimes

Garrywesley T Rimes

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U.S. Marines
RAMADI, IRAQ 04/01/2005

Born on March 21, 1975, and raised in the Philippines, Garry Wesley Rimes came to the United States with his younger sister Patty, in 1996 and joined the Marines the following year, hoping the military would help him become a U.S. citizen. He wanted to be like his father, serve his country, and be a Marine. Since he was a young boy, he read military books, world military history, was captivated by action war movies and current events, and played with GI Joe toys, imagining his future career.

A hero to family and friends, at home he was good humored, funny, generous, dependable and protective of family and friends; “he was always there to back you up.” After his first enlistment, he took a break from the Marines, but after a short time, and 9/11, he returned. “Once a Marine, always a Marine, he said as he returned to service.”

The marines were his life. As an anti-tank gunner, he was a hard worker and again dependable and protective. He was killed in Al Anbar, Iraq after an attack by insurgents severely wounded a fellow marine. He was protecting that marine and the medics caring for him. “He achieved his goal in life,” said his sister, Patty. “He wanted to serve the country and wanted to be a Marine.” He was a hero.

Corporal Rimes is our hero,” another sister, Danica Love of Baytown, Texas, said. “My whole family feels a deep gratitude to him.”

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3 Responses to “Garrywesley T Rimes”
  1. Patty RImes says:

    I Miss you so much my dear brother..

  2. mark rivera says:

    salamat sa serbisyo pagpalain nang diyos ang mga naiwan mung mahal. di sila nagiisa. i wish i could have shook your hand

  3. Marta Cohen says:

    May the memory of your loved one be cherished and comfort to your family. Please accept my condolences for your family loss. May he rest in peace.

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