George J Howell

George J Howell

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U.S. Army
TEL AL EID, IRAQ 12/21/2007

Private First Class George J. Howell of Salinas, California attended Elkhorn Elementary and Moss Landing Middle School. He also attended North Monterey County and Seaside high schools, but left before graduating to find work, later earning his GED. He decided to enlist in the Army despite the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to take care of his family.

The Army seemed a natural fit for him. His father, who died in 2001, served in the Army during the Vietnam War. Other family members had also been in the military. George signed up for a three year hitch on active duty, followed by reserve duty. George completed basic and advanced individual training at Fort Benning, Ga., and had been awarded a Purple Heart and the Army Service Ribbon.

George enlisted as a way to support his wife and children. George died in Riyadh, Iraq after a roadside bomb exploded beneath his truck at age 24.

 From George’s wife Kristen:

George Jimmie Howell was born January 25, 1983.  Most his family and friends called him Georgie.  We had 3 children together, and he was an amazingly proud and wonderful daddy!  Nothing meant more to him than family!  He was the kindest and most loving man ever.  He was loyal and funny, sincerely polite, and honorable.  He was understanding, and a great friend.  He loved to cook, and play football.  He loved life.  When you meet him, he gets deep into your heart, and changes you.  You feel like you’ve known him forever… I could go on and on, but hopefully this will help.  He was a TERRIFFICLY AMAZING man!!

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3 Responses to “George J Howell”
  1. Happy Memorial Day! I am reaching out to you because last week, my friend Jeff and myself were at Arlington National Cemetery searching out the grave of my mom’s former husband, Carl Maahs, who was buried in December 2007 in Section 64. On our way to Carl’s gravesite, we came upon many gravesites that hit both of us, but your husband’s gravesite really hit because it looked like you had been there or someone of your family was there that day sitting their by your husband’s grave. When we went to his gravesite, it looked like someone was taking a break from sitting there. As we had approached the roadway, we noticed a mini van and a woman inside. I am not sure if it was you or someone from your family, but it brought tears to my eyes because I can only assume it was you. Either way, my heart goes out to you. I work in real estate and took last weekend to come down to visit a friend and spend the that weekend at the Law Enforcement memorial, as we were both friends with many involved last year in the Greenland, NH shooting that killed Chief Mike Maloney and injured many other officers. We also visited the Vietnam memorial and many other memorials throughout Washington, DC. I was here to spend time with Jeff, who is currently training with the US Embassay and leaving in July to travel for 2 years to Napal. I wanted to tell you that you are a strong woman and I strong mother as I saw photos of you and your family before your husband left you to a place where he is still looking over you. On this day, please know that you touched another person’s heart many many miles away. Be safe and be strong!

    Melissa Lesniak
    Dover, NH

  2. Javier Reyes de Leon says:

    Im from Salinas myself and atended Alisal High class of 92. As soon as I graduated HS I joined the Air Force from 93 to 97. I just wanted to say that for some odd reason I just felt like looking for Salinas fallen in Iraq and came across your husbands name.. and I then looked into his life a little more and found out that he has a wonderful wife and 3 beautiful children… there are no words or phrases that can describe what your husband did for our country and for his family. I’m truly touched by his bravery, his valiant efforts to give his family a better life a better tomorrow.. a future that only God knows reasons and plans for. Please accept my most sincere gratitude and condolences, although I did not have the privilege of knowing or meeting your husband, I can tell by his pictures with you that he truly loved you and his daughters… a true family man. I’m positive that he is surely looking after you and taking care of all of you from heaven… God Bless You and Your Children…I don’t think its coincidence that I came across to you like this. Maybe God put me in your path to tell you these few words as a kind gesture in appreciation for your valor and trust in Gods will… Love Always, a fellow Christ.

  3. Chuck says:

    I remember Howell. He was in 2nd platoon and I was in 3rd. I remember freezing our asses off during tower guard, playing poker,and cooking on the grill. Wish Georgie was around longer, seemed like we had ALOT in common. After he died we built a new patrol base and named it after him. Peace be with you soldier

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