Gordon Sprague

Gordon Sprague

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Stuttgart, Germany, US
United States Army
SFC, 554th Military Police Company
Baghdad, Iraq, 07/14/2004

Rex Gordon Sprague, 39, lost his life during an assault on his convoy in Baghdad, Iraq.

Rex served as a civilian contracted Security Officer protecting logistic interpreters.

Rex as born in Heidleburg, Germany in August of 1964, where his father, Rex. G. Sprague, II and mother Phyllis M. Sprague were stationed with the U.S. Army. Rex grew up on various military bases until 1979, when the family moved to East Holden. Rex was a graduate of Brewer High School in 1982.

At the age of 19, he enlisted in the U.S. Army, joining the 82nd Airborne Infantry stationed in Fort Bragg, N.C. After serving three years with the 82nd, he transferred to the 554th Military Police Co., stationed in Stuttgart, Germany.

During his term of service, Rex served in several conflicts including Panama, Honduras, Gulf War and Bosnia. Rex met his wife, Natascha, while stationed in Germany.

Rex and Natascha had recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. In January of 2004, Rex retired from the Army and accepted the contracted job with “Titan Corp.” to serve one year in Iraq. After which, he and Natascha were planning to purchase land in Maine and start a family of their own.

Rex is remembered as a man who had always put others before himself; aiding those in need and protecting those whom he did not know, including the passengers he saved during the ambush that were in the vehicle he was operating at the time of his fatal injury. Rex will always be lovingly remembered and honored as a gentle, soft-spoken man, yet fearless; defending what he believed to be true.

Along with Rex’s valued qualities, he was a man of integrity, humor and had a passion for life.

Rex is survived by his wife, Natascha Sprague of Germany; mother, Phyllis Sprague of Brewer; sister, Petra Lewis of Surry and Caryn Cates of Massachusetts; brother, Michael Sprague of Jefferson and son, Rex G. Sprague IV of North Carolina. Rex was also loved by many other family members around the country. Rex will be missed and loved by all and is now with his predeceased daughter, Somer Ann under the care of their Father in Heaven.

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15 Responses to “Gordon Sprague”
  1. Jena Sweeney says:

    I knew Rex for a very short time many years ago in Taszar AB Hungary. He was a wonderful man, an honorable soldier and a good friend to those he met- full of life and adventure. And he had a quiet sense of humor; I can still see his smiling eyes. We lost one of the good guys on Flag Day, 2004.

  2. Aaron Rathburn says:

    SFC Sprague was a man who wore many hats, he could handle just about anything. He was a sergeants sergeant, someone who would stand behind his word and not back down from a challenge. The Army was a better place with SFC Sprague in it’s ranks. The world was a better place with Rex in it. He befriended many and definately made an impression on all he came to know and mentor.

  3. eherzberg says:

    From Mark Green – I was a good friend of Rex and he was the brother in law to my wife. We have spent a lot of time together running thru the forest, working out together or just watching movies. He was funny, but also loyal and absolutely reliable. He was in addition very popular in the German community, as he spoke well German. A few weeks before his death my mother spoke with him as she was a bit concerned about his job in Iraq. He calmly replied and said like..:” I am trained and experienced and I do my best to stay vigilant, but if I am at the wrong place at the wrong time..then I cannot change it..”

    Always in our hearts – RIP Rex.

  4. Petra Sprague Lewis says:

    My brother, my best friend……as siblings only 11 months apart, we played together,got into fights with one another but always had each others back. As adults our lives seperated us in distance but kept us together in our hearts…..What a man he had become, kind, caring, funny, wonderful personality, a people person, a one of a kind man. In all my years I have never ment a man quite like him. He always looked at you eye to eye ……..his eye’s….you could tell what kind of a man he was just by looking into his eyes…….they were kind and gentle. Rex is missed by his family every day, and thought of always.

  5. Caryn Garcia (Spague) says:

    Love you my Brother. I miss you deeply. There are so many memories I wish I could have shared with you. I will see you again someday.
    Your little sister,

  6. Michaela Sprague says:

    Even though I didn’t know you that well, I still really miss you. I remember when you visited us and the day before you left, all of us kids sat on your lap one at a time and got our picture taken with you. That’s my only memory of you….the day we heard you died was the first day I saw my dad cry. I miss you Uncle Rex.

  7. Natasha Sprague says:

    Uncle Rex, you mean more to me than anyone I could ever think of. You were the most amazing person, and I could not have asked for a better uncle. When you left this world, mine came crashing down. But I know that you are in a better place, and someday I will see you again. I love you so much and miss you so much. I hope to be the kind of person you were. <3 You are my Hero!

  8. Aleksandar Vukovic says:

    … really not sure how to start… or what to say… We met back in ’95 when you first visited Serbia with Natascha… We all loved you like we’ve known you forever, and to this day I’m still saying that I haven’t met a better man. Almost 10 years have passed and sometimes it seems like it happened yesterday… I hope you know how much we loved you, and I’m so thankful that you were a part of my life!

  9. Mark Green says:

    Rest In Peace Rex! Already 9 years have passed since you were killed in Kerbala / Iraq…but you remain in our hearts and minds.

  10. Mark Green says:

    Dear Rex..11 years ago. We will never forget this day, the bad news and the funeral…and will never forget you. RIP.

  11. Mark Green says:

    Another year passed ..but we always remember you….

  12. Anthony Campbell says:

    Family member please contact SMSgt Campbell, Brewer HS JROTC we want to honor Rex in our Hall of Heros.
    207-852-8509 or acampbell@breweredu.org

  13. James Marcus says:

    During 2004, My team and I met Rex in Iraq. We were located on the same camp. We saw him the morning before his truck was attacked. Rex always put others before himself. He’d always ask us if we needed anything from camps he was traveling to before he left. He shared resources with us, giving us a small resemblance of home. Whenever I interacted with Rex, he was upbeat and positive. He and the memory of him will always be held in high regard by me.

    May he rest in peace with the Lord.

  14. Caryn (Sprague) Garcia says:

    I miss you my brother! I’ll always have an empty space in my heart.

  15. Mark Green says:

    16 years have passed…you are not forgotten!

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