Ismael G Solorio

Ismael G Solorio

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U.S. Army
BAGHDAD, IRAQ 04/09/2007

Corporal Ismael Galvin Solorio was a fun-loving Kofa High school honor student. He enjoyed soccer, video games and playing his guitar. The son of migrant farm workers, Ismael turned down several college scholarships to join the Army following his high school graduation in 2003. Born on May 15, 1985, in Mexico, he was serving his third combat tour when he was killed in Baghdad on April 9, 2007. He had enlisted at the age of 17.

Ismael was a special son loved by his proud parents, Ismael and Amelia Solorio, and his 4 siblings. During his last visit home in January, he visited with his young daughter, Priscilla, and married the baby’s mother, Iris. He was thrilled with his new family, and in his last e-mail, his brother Jesus described him as “lively.”

Corporal Solorio was assigned to the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, based at Ft. Caron, CO. He was awarded two purple hearts for wounds he received during his earlier combat tours.

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2 Responses to “Ismael G Solorio”
  1. SSG Ross Mitchell says:

    My Brother, When I first met you-you were recovering from a shot to the face, but you had a glow about you like a star shining in the sky. You never got upset, never got down or discouraged and always displayed a demeanour I wish I had. One of the funniest things you once told me when I asked you why you were gaining so much weight, your answer was so simple, ” Its eating dinner through a straw SSG” your humour always made my day and even lifted me up when I need it. I wanted you to know, I was in the casualty office the day I got the call, I tried to be there for you my Friend but I feel to this day I let you down, But I do try daily to make it right. We will meet again at the Gates of Valhalla, and I hope I have the right password, may you rest now,
    Halo 11 is off the net

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