Jason R Parsons

Jason R Parsons

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U.S. Army

Let me tell you a little bit about my son, Sergeant Jason R. Parsons

Jason started out life in such a hurry that he was born in 33 minutes and on October 31st at that. He lived his young life full-throttle all the time. He was always such a happy child and young adult. Always smiling and always trying to be the best at everything. He had a smile that could warm the heart of anyone. He would rescue his friends whenever they needed him to- no matter what time it was.

He served as a boy scout, a young church leader as a pathfinder, where he was always willing to stand up and preach a sermon at a moments notice, ROTC, and was determined to serve in the Army even as a young child.

When he heard that some of his troop’s men had been killed- he stepped forward to volunteer, fearless of what could happen to him. He loved doing his job, & driving the big trucks was what he lived for. Being first in line for the convey was what he choose. They tell me that he died with his head held high and his chest out, proud of what he was doing.

Jason was and is the sweetest young man. He was always hugging and telling me how much he loved me. My heart is like an empty shell now. I miss his voice and smile.

I hope this lets you to know a little bit about my son. In his home town of Hudson, North Carolina, he was known as a kid with a little mischief in his eyes and a big heart. Now he is know as a Hometown HERO.

To me he was and is my little boy.

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3 Responses to “Jason R Parsons”
  1. Brenda B Piper says:

    Jason is my nephew. He was an amazing young man who wanted to conquer the world. He was always friendly and had a smile on his face. The last time I saw him was at Red Wood park in Hudson when he came home for a visit with his new family from Germany. He was grinning the whole time. Jason is missed dearly and will never be forgotten. His birthday is coming up real soon and he will especially be remembered on that special day. We love you and miss you so much Jason. Until we see you again….

  2. Chris sumner says:

    Miss you brother allways thinking about you and the rest of the guys.

  3. Jon Rhodes says:

    Jason, I just wanted to say I love you. Not a day goes by that you’re not on my mind. I miss you and your goofy jokes. 10 years have passed and it feels like 10 minutes. I will see you again some day. I wish you were here to meet my wife Leah and my daughter Shelbie. They would love you. You’re my brother and my friend always. I know this is the first year I wasn’t able to visit and that I’m a day late, but Happy Birthday Brother! Thank you for being you! I love you! Happy Birthday!!!

    You’re Friend Always,
    Jon Rhodes

    To Margaret, Ken and Brittany: I love you guys with all my heart. I’m still here for you and always will be.

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