Joshua D Jones

Joshua D Jones

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U.S. Army
BAGHDAD, IRAQ 08/27/2006

From Josh’s Mom:

“Joshua was my first born. The oldest of five children – 4 boys one girl. He was the protector from the start. He was always the sensible and level headed one. He was a joy to have around always.

Things that he always loved very much, was music, singing, radio controlled cars(very fast ones) and mustangs. He planned on buying a new one when he came home.

Then of course his family was his first love and concern. He and his wife were very much in love. They had a 2 yr old and were expecting a new one when he was killed. He was not able to see the birth of his second baby girl. (He was actually at boot camp when his first daughter was born, but I stood in for him that time.) He loved his daughter very much. I miss him very much and although it has been a little over 2 years, it is still very hard for me. He was killed Aug.27th, 2006. and was due to finish his tour that Nov.

He was the only one in his unit that was hurt or killed that day. A routine Hummer patrol, stopped for fuel, and he bent down in a way that the bullet of a cowardly sniper could make it inside his helmet. He died instantly. It is very hard to deal with the loss of a child.

But one thing that has made me strong through it that he left me 2 beautiful granddaughters and the fact that he believed in what he was doing 100%. He always told me he missed his family very much but would rather be fighting them over there than fighting them over here at home. He wanted his family and country safe.

He also had just been promoted to Corporal just before he was killed. Corporal Joshua D.Jones . Well I hope this is enough information for you. I also hope the pictures work for you. If not let me know I will try to get some others together in the meantime. Thank you again Michael for a wonderful Blessing.

Joshua’s portrait is also on Poster 8


14 Responses to “Joshua D Jones”
  1. John porcella says:

    Found name bracelet

  2. John porcella says:

    My name is John W porcella and my phone number is 904-610-3855 please give me a call I’m trying to post a picture of the name bracelet but unable to on the bracelet it says Josh Jones Baghdad Iraq August 2013

  3. Barbara Daniels says:

    John Porcella. Saw your post…you maybe able to get information by writing to the company commander of his unit that was based in Fort Hood Texas. They should be able to direct you…ask for his home records. Check listings in Meigh Ohio for Jones…or Find a Grave on the Net…pray you are able to return it to his family

  4. Donna E. Frye says:

    I know this is an older post.I’m happy to share on my and my sons( a Marine) page. Are we still looking for this Soldier’s Family?

  5. Marnie Basney says:

    If you know anything about Josh Jones or the owner of the bracelet, please contact First Coast News’ Juliette Dryer at

  6. Carla says:

    Yes still looking!

  7. David Helms says:

    Looks real similar to a bracelet worn by a man named Rick (Richard) Allen. He is or was a Jacksonville agent for a company called National Drayage Service or (NDS). He wore a bracelet just like that with the name of a soldier that he recruited, who fell in Iraq. Not sure if this is that one or not, but they look very similar. I haven’t seen Rick in several years, but he may be worth checking with if you can find him.

  8. David Helms says:

    Upon further reflection, the bracelet I’m remembering was worn prior to 2013 (the date on the this one), so I’ll have to assume this is a different one. They look very similar though, at least as far as an 8 year old memory goes. Good luck locating the owner.

  9. peggy nelson says:

    THIS IS HOW YOU FIND HIS FAMILY – TY John for your perseverance

  10. Linda V. Tomaszek says:

    This is from FIND A GRAVE on Joshua, Hope this helps

    Spec Joshua D. Jones
    BIRTH 2 Jan 1982
    Athens, Athens County, Ohio, USA
    DEATH 27 Aug 2006 (aged 24)
    Baghdad, Iraq
    Beech Grove Cemetery
    Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, USA
    MEMORIAL ID 15549543 · View Source


    Spc. Joshua D. Jones, of Pomeroy, Ohio, attended Southern High School, but had moved to Georgia before he completed his studies there. He completed U.S. Army basic training in May, 2004, at Fort Knox, Ky., and went to Iraq on Dec. 6, 2005. He enjoyed singing, racing radio controlled trucks, riding ATV’s and spending time with his family. He is survived by his wife, Tiffany White Jones, daughter: Cami Jones, mother Sandy Miller, Father and Step Mother: Gary and Cindy Jones, Grandmother: Mildred Pauley, Brothers, Caleb Jones, Peter Jones, Jacob Jones, Sister, Alexandria Jones. He was preceded in death by his maternal Grandfather Maury Miller. paternal Grandparents Bill and Elsie Jones and his step Grandfather Paul Pauley. He was 24.

    3rd Battalion,
    67th Armor Regiment,
    4th Brigade Combat Team,
    4th Infantry Division,
    Fort Hood, Texas.

  11. You Asked says:

    The date on the bracelet is Aug. 2013 & the young man above was killed in 2006. Perhaps there is another Josh Jones, which would not be uncommon, & they gave it to the wrong widow & mother.

  12. Rebecca carducci says:

    I think I found his wife! I messaged her but am not sure if she will get it. I’ll keep you updated!!

  13. Carla Giles says:

    Hi, after doing some investigative work on my own, I have actually spoken to the mother of this Josh Jones who passed away in 2006. This was NOT his bracelet.

  14. Nova says:

    What’s the update on this bracelet? I’m willing to help in any way that I can.

    With Love,

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