Joshua R Hager

Joshua R Hager

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U.S. Army
RAMADI, IRAQ 02/22/2007

SSG Joshua R. Hager was killed in action Feb. 22, 2007.  He was an Army Ranger and had served at the 6th RTB prior to transferring to Ft. Carson, CO for deployment.  Josh loved being a soldier and was proud to serve his country.

Josh is survived by his wife Heather and son Bayley.  Joshua’s mother Lois lives in Broomfield, CO and his father, Kris Hager, in Venice, FL.  Joshua’s brother Aaron is in the USCG and is stationed in Miami, FL.  Joshua now has a younger brother, Carson, who loves to say “Hi Joshie” as he looks at the portrait presented by Mr. Reagan.

Mrs. Jane Brown is his maternal grandmother and lives in MI.  Mrs. Dorine Hager lives in Littleton, CO.  Joshua’s grandfather, Zack Hager served in WWII as a glider pilot and passed away in April of 2008.   They are laid to rest beside each other at Ft. Logan National Cemetery, Denver, CO.

At the End of the Row

When I’m asked for directions,
Where the visitor might go,
I say, “Through the main gate,
Past the brick building, very slow.”
On the right, just a bit,
A wood stair you will see,
It leads to the lake,
And a bench by a tree.

Directly across, to the left side of the way,
Park your car, and get out,
By the green and white sea.
The green is the grass, always mowed and trimmed,
And the white are the markers,
Too many, and him.
His spot is just there,
A few steps more,
He’s with the fallen heroes,
At the end of the row..

Kris Hager

Joshua’s portrait is also located on Poster 3


6 Responses to “Joshua R Hager”
  1. Kris Hager says:

    Joshua also had a father’s family to think of. His Grandfather, Zack Hager now lies beside him at Ft Logan National Cemetery, Denver, Co.
    Fathers are sometimes forgotten, too bad. Sons are never forgotten.
    Kris Hager

  2. Oscar Dieguez says:

    I served with Josh in Korea. On Veteran’s day I just want to let you know that he is not forgotten. We all miss you Josh, and I know that I will see you again someday. RLTW.

  3. Oscar Dieguez says:

    Just wanted to let you know you’re on my thoughts today Josh. We all miss you. I will see you again when I pass from this life.

  4. Joe Langlais says:

    I first met Josh when he was serving as an RI with 6th RTB. I was going through Ranger school and he was one of the few RI’s who really stood out. I remember he was always willing to take the time to explain concepts and offer advice and it was obvious that he had a genuine concern for our training and well being. I credit him and the other RI’s for instilling the confidence and skill set that allowed me to succeed as a junior infantry officer in numerous combat situations.

    Our paths crossed again a few years later when he was assigned to 1-9IN, which I was in the process of leaving. We only had a brief opportunity to talk and I wish I had seized that opportunity to thank him for caring so much about the quality of the training that I received and just how his personality, charisma, and attitude made him memorable.

    Having just read the narrative above, I was surprised to learn that he is from Broomfield, CO as I live not far from there in Colorado Springs and can’t help but wonder if our paths would have crossed again. I don’t think that I will ever forget him.

  5. Oscar Dieguez says:

    Thinking of you today Josh. Rest easy brother.

  6. William Clay says:

    Although its been over 10 years, we are still proud of our American hero’s…. Thank you Josh, may your memory live on through freedom and family!

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