Kelly E Watters

Kelly E Watters

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U.S. Marines
BETHESDA 06/11/2008

Kelly was a science fiction movie lover and greatly enjoyed the beats and grooves of dance music. But he didn’t limit himself there and possibly miss out on the excitement of other movie and music genres, he was open to them all– new ones, old ones, fast ones, and slow ones. His friends loved that about him. And they recall him making everyone feel at ease and comfortable no matter where they were. He put them before himself and didn’t want his friends and family to worry about him, because he had no fear. Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the U.S.A. reminded him of his fallen ‘brothers,’ a group that sadly he has now joined. But he lived with no regrets. He was go-go-go and rarely looked back.

He was a native of Virginia Beach, VA and the 19-year-old son of Peter and Lisa. He looked forward to returning home from Iraq, being with his family and Marine buddies, and relaxing on the beach, while probably eating Slim Jims and his favorite crackers. He wasn’t sure of his future plans yet, and considered anything from being a police officer to a massage therapist. His family loved him immensely and were by his side all the way to the end. So proud of their free-spirited yet tough Marine they were, who joined in November 2005 and was completing his 2nd tour of duty. With his father being retired from the Navy and some neighbors in military households, noble service to our country is a tie he shared with his close-knit community. Then he made the ultimate sacrifice for them and us. We are forever grateful.

Kelly often brought Marine buddies home when he visited, always the considerate friend who lived life to the fullest. Scarlet and gold ribbons, Marine Corps colors laced with black strands, once hung from columns and doors, but now they hang from our hearts. He once said the Marine Corps changed him from “a little worm back in school” into a young man doing “better than most other 19-year-olds at least.” Lance Corporal Kelly Everett Charles Watters was awarded two Purple Heart medals and a combat action ribbon during his time of Service. We remember his free spirit in all we do, as it is flying high and saying “Semper Fi.” Thank you to Kelly, a true American Hero.

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  1. GIovanni Pacheco says:

    I was fortunate enough to served with Lcpl Watters. He was a good friend of mine and i will never forget him. Prior to to his last deployment we had gotten pretty close and i took him under my wind and looked out for him while doing training in 29 Palms California. He was such a happy person and full of life despite any of the struggles we faced. But without a doubt i knew i could always count on him to have my six or make us all laugh no matter how tired and beat up we were. He will always remain in my heart and mind. I know he is up in heaven watching down on us and continues to be a guardian angel for his family and brothers. I miss you brother and one day we will meet again.

    Your Brother
    Cpl Giovanni Pacheco
    3/6 Kilo Company 2nd Platoon

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