Kevin S Rux

Kevin S Rux

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Portland, North Dakota, US
United States Navy
EWT2, USS Cole
Port of Aden, Yemen, 10/11/2000

Kevin Shawn Rux, age thirty was killed in the attack on the USS Cole.

Joy Ust, from the quaint town of Ringgold, spoke of her nephew, Petty Officer 2nd Class Kevin Shawn Rux, of Portland, N.D.

She broke down in tears as she spoke of the 32-year-old sailor’s love of hunting and fishing.

“And he was always smiling as a kid,” said Ust, who runs a beauty parlor in Finley, N.D. “He was always so very happy.”

Rux followed in the footsteps of his father, James Rux, who had been a “Navy lifer,” said Ust, who last saw her nephew at his father’s funeral four years ago.

“Kevin was his daddy’s pride and joy,” she sobbed, her hoarse voice saturated with pain.

Mr. Rux, who had served twelve years in the military and specialized in electronic warfare, was survived by his wife, Plaintiff Olivia Rux.

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2 Responses to “Kevin S Rux”
  1. Chris Thomas says:

    Kevin, to my friend and fellow sailor, I will miss you and you will never be forgotten. The times we had on the sub base in Groton, Ct. were the best of my life and all the parties and gettogethers at your home that you and Olivia shared with me and Meredith were best of times. I wish I could have been there for you in your time of despair but I know you we’re being watched over at the time you were taken from us. Thank you for your service and most of all thank you for letting me call you friend. It has been 12 years and still it’s hard to think you don’t get to walk among us, but as you sail over head I can always know to look up and smile knowing you’re still on watch.

  2. Sean Griffin says:

    Kevin, I will always remember you with Gary King coming in to my office for coffee and bagels. Your death was too soon. I think of you as I go over the the people I met while working in Navy Housing as a civilian. Thank you for your service.

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