Michael M Mcgreevy

Michael M Mcgreevy

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U.S. Navy

Navy LT Michael Martin McGreevy, Jr, Navy Seal, was one of eight Navy Seals in the group of 16 service members killed June 28,  when their MH-47 Chinook helicopter was shot down in the rugged mountains of eastern Afghanistan. The Navy commandos were based in Coranado Naval Amphibious Base, San Diego, California.  Michael was from Virginia Beach, Virginia and was thirty years old.  This was the largest number of Navy Seals casualties since the elite Seals were formed in 1962.

Michael McGreevy grew up in Portville, New York, a hamlet 80 miles south of Buffalo.  He was a top athlete and scholar who went on to graduate from the Naval Academy in 1997. Retired school staff noted that Michael was the best they ever had.  Michael ran track, and set a school record for the 800-meter run. He also wrestled, played soccer and youth ice hockey. He would run more than 3 miles to school each morning, to be there by 6 a.m. so that he could get in a session of strength building before classes started.  A return look at his high school yearbook shows that he participated also was active in Student Council, and was selected for National Honor Society. While in high school in Portville, New York, Lieutenant McGreevy wanted to take state Regents exam in German – only his school didn’t offer the language. He bought German books and taught himself so well, he passed the exam.

Lieutenant Michael M. McGreevy graduated first in his class from the Naval Academy and went on to become members of the SEALs, one of the elite fighting forces in the world.  Lieutenant McGreevy, who was the Naval Academy class of 1997’s secretary, was popular and scholarly.

His wife, daughter, parents and friends will remember him as his freshman year roommate at the academy notes.  “He did well in everything I saw him do – at the same time, he was very, very humble about it and was always ready to help others.”

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7 Responses to “Michael M Mcgreevy”
  1. C Jordan says:

    As Memorial Day inches closer, the weather is getting better and my patriotism bubbles up to the surface. Each year I get a nice, new American Flag to fly in my front yard. It’s on my shopping list already. The days grow longer and my memories of my best bud, Mike McGreevy, hit me with more frequency and more clarity. You are and always will be the best, most genuine, most relevant person I’ve ever known. I miss you. If we could only jam out to AC/DC one more time. If we could just grab a couple sleeping bags, find a spot on the side of a hill to camp out and talk about nothing while gazing up at the stars one more time. One more time. It won’t happen. I can’t change it. I have to accept it. Thank you, Groove. Thank you for being you. Thank you for leaving such a big, important, meaningful impact on me. I miss you, brother. Thank you.

  2. M Wetzler says:

    I’m a graduate of Portville Central School and from all the great things I’ve heard about Mike, I can only wish I had been in high school when he was. Mike is a true Hero and nothing will ever change that. I have the strongest respect for this man.

  3. Christina (Jacobs) Redepenning says:

    I graduated with Mike in 1993. I sat next to him at the graduation ceremony. I remember Mike was very polite, respectful to who ever was around him. You could take one look at Mike and know he would go far in life and do great things. I was shocked when I heard he died, but a part of me was angry that he died in war. I have a lot of respect for Mike!

  4. Dick Anderson says:

    As one of my many, many former Health and Physical Education students at Portville Central, I would have never believed that such a caring and “quiet” student would become a Navy Seal Officer. As I look back on our Health classes, I remember that I had (2) Marine Corps posters hanging up in my room. One day you and I had a talk about military service life and my experiences in Viet Nam as a Marine rifle platoon leader but I never would have guessed that you would someday be an officer especially in the Navy Seals. I salute you Mike and with God’s grace, I’ll see you later in His paradise.

    Semper Fi…….”Mr. A”

  5. J. Kenward says:

    Please note, LT McGreevy was not the only officer to be killed when his helicopter was shot down. The Army pilots of the 160 SOAR were officers, and LCDR Erik Kristensen (SEAL) was also on board.

  6. eherzberg says:

    Sir – thank you for your comment. This change has been made to the posting.


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