Paul F Brooks

Paul F Brooks

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U.S. Army
BAGHDAD, IRAQ 05/21/2009

Staff Sergeant Paul Faris Brooks, 35, of Jonesboro, Arkansas, attended Jonesboro High School and obtained a GED while in the military. Known as ‘P.F.’ by family and friends, he began his military service with the Arkansas National Guard in 1997. He also served in the Army Reserves joined the Missouri National Guard in July 2004.

Paul did this all in hopes to provide a better life for his wife and seven children. Just two years before, his newborn son, Denver, needed a lifesaving surgery to fix a hole in his heart. The Missouri Veterans Commission formed “Operation Baby’s Heart” to collect donations and help pay for costs associated with the surgery. Denver made a full recovery.

He was assigned to the 935th Aviation Support Battalion Springfield, Missouri as an Army medic. Brooks and his family were stationed out of Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

The soft-spoken family man and his wife were devoted parents. He was currently serving his second tour in Iraq. He was killed on May 21, 2009, when a bomb was set off in a vehicle at an outdoor market in Iraq.

His awards and decorations include the Army Commendation Medal; Army Achievement Medal; Army Good Conduct Medal, second award; National Defense Service Medal; Global War on Terrorism Service Medal; Iraq Campaign Medal, with two bronze stars; Armed Forces Reserve Medal with two mobilization devices; Army Service Ribbon; Overseas Service Ribbon; Missouri Expeditionary Ribbon, second award; the Missouri Five Year Long Service Ribbon and Combat Action Badge.

He has also been submitted for the Purple Heart and Bronze Star Medal. He received his Army Commendation Medal for his first mobilization to Iraq where he was cited for outstanding performance as the battalion’s only medic.

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  1. Nikki Brooks Winn says:

    P.F.(what he was know by to family and close friends) was annoying as a child, to say the least, but some of my best memories are of that annoying little brother giving me crap over stuff that really meant nothing but seemed like the end of the world at the time. He used to call me Nikki Persnikki, not even sure I spelled that right, lol. I, in return, would call him Pig Fart. Gross, I know, but it really got his goat. We were all so close as children, but we all kind of went our separate way as adults. It really breaks my heart when I think about how much time we missed out on spending together. I know life takes different paths for each of us, but I so wish I had more adult memories of my brother. One memory that sticks out to thought is the time that I got mad at P.F. for talking bad about the guy I was seeing at the time. P.F. and I lived just a couple a couple of apartments from each other at the time, and I was pregnant (and hormonal). Well, he was calling things like he saw them, and I got really mad and just chunked my keys as hard as I could in his direction, hitting his trucks driver side window. Did he get mad and lose his cool with me? NO!!! He just started laughing at me and gave me this, pardon my language, what the hell did you just do look. I ended up paying to fix his window, and now I have that memory to laugh about with the rest of my family. By the way, P.F. was right about that loser. I love and miss him so very much.

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