Phillip M Freligh

Phillip M Freligh

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Paragould, Arkansas, US
United States Army
SGT, 707th Ordnance Company
Udairi, Kuwait, 03/13/2001

Sergeant Phillip Freligh served with us as a United States Paratrooper in D Company, 3rd BN (Airborne) 73rd Armor Regiment, 82d Airborne Division, Ft Bragg, NC. Then he was a 19D Cavalry Scout.

Phillip’s last unit was with the 707th Ordnance Company of Fort Lewis, Wash.¬† Phillip re-classed and became an EOD specialist in 1997.

Phillip was killed by a friendly fire incident in Kuwait 12 March 2001. We want to remember our friend, comrade and fellow Paratrooper.

In a quiet, somber ceremony, the bodies of the five Americans and the one New Zealander killed in the Kuwait training accident arrived in Germany on Thursday, where they will be autopsied at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

Those killed were watching the live-fire exercise from an observation post in Kuwait when the pilot of an F/A-18 Hornet from the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman released three 500-pound bombs that struck near their position.

Investigators are trying to determine if the accident was caused by pilot error or a mistake from an air traffic controller on the ground.

All of the bodies were brought to Germany. Those killed, according to the U.S. military, were: Air Force Staff Sergeant Jason M. Faley, Army Staff Sergeant Troy J. Westberg, Army Staff Sergeant Richard N. Boudreau, Army Sergeant Phillip M. Freligh, Army Specialist Jason D. Wildfong and New Zealand Army Major John McNutt.

Phillip’s¬†portrait is also on Poster 4


10 Responses to “Phillip M Freligh”
  1. Chad Petty says:

    I miss you still Phil. I cant think of partying in Cruces without you.

  2. Shaun O'Connor says:

    I remember the good times we had together going through EOD school. I recall cruising around in your Eagle Talon, drinking schnapps in the barracks, and a late night trip to Arkansas. You were a good friend and will be missed.

  3. Amanda Farley says:

    The few months that I got to spend with you as a friend were some of the happiest days of my life. Thanks for being there and being my best friend. I still miss you.

  4. David Freligh says:

    I am his second cousin and he is actually from Arkansas, not Nevada. He is in the Veterans Hall of Honor at Greene County Technical High School in Paragould, Arkansas in memoriam of his service and ultimate sacrifice to our nation. He came from a long line of service to our country: his father served in the Army; his grandfather in the Navy in WWII (purple heart); his three uncles all served bravely in WWII–one of them (my father) in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam; and has had many other cousins of his who have served our nation in the military (including my brother–Army Special Forces Green Beret and I–United States Marine Corps). Phillip was a fine young man whom the Freligh family has always been and will always be proud of, and of course, we will never forget him. Thanks for remembering one of our own…a son of the Freligh family. May he forever rest in peace.

  5. SSG Williams says:

    I had the greatest opportunity to train with him and his SF group while in Kuwait. My troop 2-5 CAV from FT Hood TX, reacted to this tragic incident. We were doing our missions when we felt the explosion and observed the smoke; we secured the area and kept media, local nationals away from the remains. We were later debriefed by their fellow team mates and they told us what happened. I pray for their families still to this day, as a young soldier and that being my first deployment and first time seeing anything like that it has stayed with me ever since. They will forever be missed.

  6. Ginger White says:

    I met Phil when we were both deployed to Kuwait. I still think about him from time to time. God bless his family.

  7. David Freligh says:

    Since Phillip was born in NY and lived there until his family moved to Paragould, Ar when he was a young teen the following has just/will happen for him:

    Catharine M. Young
    Senator 57th District
    Albany, NY 12247

    The Honorable Catharine M. Young recently wrote the following letter requesting the honor of my presence for the presentation of military awards to the entire family of the late Phillip M. Freligh. The posthumous ceremony will take place Saturday October 8, 2016 at 12:00pm at the First Presbyterian Church in Ripley, NY.

    “United States Army Sgt. Phillip Freligh served his country as a Paratrooper and EOD Specialist until his untimely death during a training exercise in Kuwait in 2001. For his service to our nation, Sergeant Freligh will be receiving the Army Commendation Medal, the Army Achievement Medal, the Army Good Conduct Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, and the Army Service Ribbon. He will also be receiving the Expert Marksmanship Badge with Grenade Bar, a Sharpshooter Badge with Rifle Bar, the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Badge and the Parachutist Badge. From the New York State Division of Military Affairs Sergeant Freligh will receive the New York State Medal for Merit.”

    “I am proud to honor Sergeant Freligh in a special presentation ceremony recognizing his service and sacrifices for our country.”

    It has taken some time, but finally he will receive the awards he earned and deserves for his sacrifices to our great nation.

    David Freligh (second cousin to Phillip)

  8. Ginger White says:

    I only knew Phil for a short time, but i still miss him and wish there were more men like him. He was the only man that ever read the bible to me; the book of philippians.

  9. Naomi Terry says:

    I never got to meet Phillip in person. Phillip and I used to chat online back in 2000-2001. Back them it was through yahoo messenger. We were supposed to meet up in Las Cruces and enjoy an evening together. I was living in Albuquerque and he was at WSMR. He gave me a lot of companionship across the miles, made me laugh, and helped me through some dark, lonely days. He had a love for all types of people and he loved God. I never got to meet him although I was so looking forward to meeting him in person. He was that mysterious hero in uniform who touched my heart. One day I read the newspaper and I was shocked. This special soul who gave me smiles, hope, and companionship was gone. I will always wonder what could have been.

    May God bless and comfort his loved ones. I hope he knows his impact on this world as he looks down from up above. Many years have passed and he is not forgotten.

  10. Naomi Terry says:

    I got to know Phillip’s spirit and heart online, but never in person. I knew him from 2000-2001 when he passed. I was living in Albuquerque, NM and we were supposed to meet up in Las Cruces, NM where he spent time at WSMR. Phillip was a kind, gentle soul. He was a man in uniform who touched my heart. I enjoyed chatting with him online and I was so looking forward to meeting him in person. He had a beautiful smile. He loved all types of people, was happy go lucky, and loved God. Although he was miles away from me, he added a lot of joy and companionship to my days. He made some dark, lonely days for me seem hopeful. Years have passed since this special soul has passed. I never got to meet him in person, but he will forever live in my heart. I pray that his loved one’s have found peace and that he is smiling from up above. You are not forgotten Phillip.

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