Roy L Jones III

Roy L Jones III

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U.S. Army
DIWANIYAH, IRAQ 05/10/2007

Roy Jones, 21, of Houston; assigned to the 984th Military Police Company, 759th Military Police Battalion, Fort Carson, Colo.; died May 10 in Diwaniyah, Iraq, of wounds sustained from small-arms fire.

A decorated Army private from Houston was killed Thursday. Pfc. Roy L. Jones III, died from wounds sustained from small-arms fire in Diwaniyah, Iraq the defense department said.

He is the third Houston area soldier to die in the past week. Jones was assigned to the 984th Military Police Company from Fort Carson, Colo.

Defense department officials said the 21-year-old had been awarded the National Defense Service Medal, the Iraqi Campaign Medal and had received a combat action badge since being deployed to Iraq in Sept. 7.

From his mother Nanette: Roy was an energetic kid who lived life to the fullest, he was outgoing, fun loving, loved to dance, and kept a smile on his face. He really loved his family.

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16 Responses to “Roy L Jones III”
  1. Stephanie Schaffner says:

    Its been a long time Scooby. I miss you and love you. I wanted to post this to you and say happy birthday! You’ve got a lot of people thinking about today. Do you remember the time you and our friends (though I can’t remember who all was there) were dancing in Mykawa when a cop pulled up along side y’all and told y’all to get out of the road? It was so long ago we were still young. And the time I drove my mom’s F150 in your neighborhood when I was 17? I scared my mom to death that day. Looking back I’m so glad, so very glad!, that I randomly drove to your house to see you. If I knew how little time there was left to see you I never would have lost contact with you. Love you very much…I miss you tons..a lot of people do. *hugs*


  2. Valerie jones says:

    Had fun with you in high school. Thank you for serving our country. Hope it having a great day in heaven today…RIP – you will be missed forever..

  3. Jennifer Schaffner says:

    I remember when I first met him when he was in 8th grade and I was in 9th. He was hanging his head out the school bus window yelling hi to us. I told him he had the cutest nose and I thought he was so adorable. I remember staying all Saturday at his house watching him practice his dancing. He was really good too. He laughed and smiled a lot. He always listened when you needed him and truly cared about you. He would give you the shirt off his back with a smile. He was fun and energetic and for those who knew him – flamboyant 😉 If I could have one wish it would be to tell him Happy Birthday Scooby! I love you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Rest in Peace. Another angel in Heaven.

  5. stephanie says:

    I remember in high school dude, all the crazy things we did in the cafe, in the halls, outside the halls, outside the school. You were always in the best mood, having a awesome time, and always up to put others in a good mood. I know we did not keep up too well over the years, but I will always think about you and have the utmost respect for you and everything you always stood for. I love you and will always miss you.

  6. Lalia Chavez says:

    Roy L. Jones, aka \Scooby\, was a great friend of mine before I moved to California. He was very selfless and always wanted to make people smile and feel welcome. He was friends with everybody and had a kind heart. One of my biggest regrets is not spending more time with him before the Lord called on him to go home. Today is his birthday and I feel so blessed to have known somebody as great as him. RIP, my friend.

  7. Lena Moody says:

    What sorrowful news that this beautiful person was taken so soon. We’re so thankful and proud of you, Scooby. You’re an Amercian hero and will be missed!

  8. Lonie Gaspard says:

    God speed soldier! Job well done!

  9. ashley says:

    Scooby, my most favorite memory of them all will forever be watching you dance. I love you so much baby boy, and I miss you dearly. You were so much to me and I know what I was to you :) The world will never be the same with out you babe.

  10. Kristine says:

    Scooby, you were a good kid and an even better friend.

  11. Jennifer Schaffner says:

    I only have one picture of him right now, but if anyone wants a copy of this picture, email me please! Likewise if you have any pics of him can you email those perhaps?

  12. Stephanie Schaffner says:

    Merry Christmas! Love you!

  13. Tabatha Sammons says:

    Scooby, we all miss and love you! Always with a smile on your face and a dance move to make us all laugh. I will always hold you close to my heart. Thank you so much for keeping our country safe.

  14. Stephanie Schaffner says:

    Happy Birthday Scooby! Love you! Miss you!

  15. Timothy Paul says:

    My dear brother, you are still in my thoughts and your family is in my prayers. What an honor it was to serve with you. What an amazing person you were and such a delight to be around. You always put a smile on my face and still put a smile on my heart.

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