Ryan R Berg

Ryan R Berg

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U.S. Army
BAQUBAH, IRAQ 01/09/2007

Ryan was from the state of Texas. His full name was Ryan Russell Berg. He was born July 24, 1987, to Travis Berg and Scottie Ray. He has a younger brother, Brad who is 19 years old and a younger sister, Marissa who is 14 years old. Ryan was from a small town on the Gulf coast, Sabine Pass. In 2005 Sabine Pass was struck by Hurricane Rita and again in 2008 by Hurricane

Ike. He loved this little town so very much. Sabine Pass is where he had decided he would live and raise a family once his Army career was over.

Ryan was a person who had loyalty stuck to him like globs of unbaked dough. This loyalty was unwavering and was given in scoops of his time and his trust; in sticky mounds of his commitment to you. It sealed him to you and warmed you. Ryan was courageous in his being. He would openly stand before many and disagree. Brave enough to not move off his position and stand it alone if necessary. He smiled with meaning and truth. He showed love in his up-raised lips and flashes of ivory. He was easy to like and hard to forget. He’d chatter like a gun, but one filled with no harm.

He was a fine boy and became a fine man; a soldier to all, a friend to many and family to a lucky few. He touched many in life and even more in death. Ryan had very strong feelings about being in Iraq. He felt that if we didn’t go over there and stop the bad guys that we would have more 9-11 incidents over here. Ryan did not think of himself like a hero. He felt he was a normal guy doing what he felt he must for all of us, for his country. He would want his loved ones he left behind to live life like this “Live each day to its fullest, to experience every situation you can, good or bad, because it means you are alive and you are getting everything out of life”. By doing this Ryan will live on through his loved ones.

Ryan was promoted to Specialist after his death. So, he was Specialist Ryan Russell Berg in the United States Army. He was awarded the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, and the Good Conduct Medal. He is now pride, sadness, joy, and loss. He is home and we accept this.

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3 Responses to “Ryan R Berg”
  1. Scottie Ray says:

    I am Ryan’s mom. My favorite memory of Ryan is the last dance we had together. We were at a street dance, we went seperately he with his friends and me with mine, and ran into each other. Wayne Toups was playing and my favorite song of his is “Take My Hand”. It came on and I said “Oh, I just love this song I wish I had someone to dance with. At that moment my Amazing son said, “I’ll dance with you mom, come on”! So we got out there and danced and sang to the song, it was one of the best moments in my life! A good friend of mine took a picture of us as we sang and danced, I have that picture framed sitting in my livingroom. Now everytime I hear that song, I go back to that last dance with Ryan! My family is very special, they all know about the song and whenever it comes on one of them grabs me and we dance. It’s now become a special song between me and my daughter, Ryan’s sister. We dance to it every chance we get.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Scottie, what a wonderful tribute to Ryan. Think of him often

  3. Darren Ardoin says:

    I’m a very good friend of Ryan. I lived in Texas for a couple of years and Ryan and me became really good friends. We were like brothers than friends. We spent just about every day together getting in to trouble. I meet him threw my sister was also a close friend to him. Still to this day I can look back and think about all the good times together with all the parties we had and how glad I was to have him as a brother. When I found out that he had left us it hit me hard. Then a few days later I went to a tattoo parlor and had got a memorial tattoo with his name on it. The tattoo reminds me of him everyday and I know that he is always with me. I now have a one year old son that I named after him and I pray every day that my son can grow up to just be have the man that Ryan was. I still miss the days we spint just having fun and hanging out like brothers. He will missed a lot but never forgotten.

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