Shane C Swanberg

Shane C Swanberg

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U.S. Marines
AR RAMADI, IRAQ 09/15/2005

Marine Lance Corporal Shane Clanin Swanberg, 24, was in Iraq fewer than 10 days and had not yet gone on his first mission. He died when mortar and rocket fire hit his base about 7 a.m. Thursday at Ramadi.

His parents talked about their son yesterday in an appearance at the Northshore Baptist Church in Bothell, where the family are members.

“He was anxious to get to Ramadi. He told me, ‘Mom, I want to get over to help my buddies,’ ” said his mother, Linda Swanberg, in a statement read on her behalf by a member of the Redmond Fire Department, where she has worked for 16 years.

On the day before he died, her son sent an e-mail.

“I will start my first mission tomorrow,” he wrote. “Mom, I love you very much.”

His father, Brian Swanberg, said few details of the attack that led to his son’s death were available. Lance Corporal Swanberg was a TOW missile and Humvee operator who also manned the M-60 machine gun mounted atop a Humvee.

“They were on base in a green zone,” said his father. “Incoming rocket fire hit the base.”

Lance Corporal Swanberg was the only casualty in the attack, said his father.

Lance Corporal Swanberg grew up in the Finn Hill and Juanita areas of Kirkland and graduated from Juanita High School in 2000. He joined the Marine Corps in 2002 and served the first three years of his enlistment at Twentynine Palms, Calif. He expected to return from Iraq after a seven-month tour of duty, said his father.

He’d last been home in August, said his mother. “The time he was here in August was just a wonderful, fun-filled time,” she said.

He wanted to go to college and go into real estate, and was always reading real-estate books, added his father.

“It’s surreal,” said his father, a retired Renton police officer. “You honestly expect it won’t happen to you. … There’s no describing the depth of emptiness and loss.”

The Swanbergs have two other children, Travis, an Army sergeant who has not been assigned to Iraq; and Nicole, 18, a recent Juanita High School graduate.

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4 Responses to “Shane C Swanberg”
  1. Sgt Jason Stewart ret says:

    Not sure what to say, each year I contemplate suicide and feel like I should have done more and died in Iraq also. Shane was my partner from day one in basic, platoon 3143 Swanberg and Stewart, the alphabet brought us together, and in S.O.I. we were best friends until we were separated, TOW and ASSAULT.
    Currently, I am a dad and grad student but darkness and grey cover me, there is no shaking USMC influences in my life.
    Only the dead see the end of war/Plato

    I am not doing well

  2. Kevin says:

    I don’t know if you will be notified of a response or if you will see this. I hope you are doing better. Please reach out for help if you need it, there are many, many resources available. There may have been stigma about seeking mental health resources during your service, I can tell you that the attitude towards mental health has, and is changing. If you have dark thoughts, I ask you to visit and call someone.

    Army 2009-current

  3. Katie nye says:


    I hope you will see this. Your post breaks my heart. I can’t imagine the pain, heartache and darkness that surrounds you, I hope you are doing better since your post. As Kevin said, there are so many resources available for our soldiers who are struggling. Please take advantage of these resources. Thank you so much for your service.

  4. Jenn says:

    I tried looking Jason up yesterday after I saw his comment. I found a Jason Stewart that committed suicide I think either March or May 2019. I am praying that was not him. I hope he found help and is recieving help.

    Anyways, Miss you Shane. I should have let you sleep with my daughter pink piggy bank when you stayed over… LoL. I will never forget you and I will continue to look you up every Memorial Day and everytime you come to mind.

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