William F Ortega

William F Ortega

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U.S. Navy

HN William F. Ortega was killed in Afghanistan on June 18, 2010.  Only in the US Navy for a short time, he volunteered to serve his country as a medical Corpsman. Instructors at NHCS and FMTB taught HN Ortega to care for his Marines.  The Miami, Florida resident, supporting Operation Enduring Freedom as part of the I Marine Expeditionary Force and was aiding and sheltering a wounded Marine when he was killed in Helmand province, a victim of an improvised explosive device.  HN Ortega was assigned to the 3d Battalion, known as “The Thundering Third”, 1st Marines, based in Pendleton, California.  He was twenty-three years old.

The pride and bright spot of family and friends, HN Ortega is survived by his parents, five sisters, a brother-in-law  who is US Navy, and grandparents.

After graduating from South Dade Senior High in 2005, he joined the U.S. Navy in May 2008 and moved to Camp Pendleton in California to train as a corpsman, which is similar to a medic.  Friends and family knew he wanted to serve his country.   At the start of training in California, adjusting to West Coast life was hard for Ortega.  With the help of friends he adjusted but still longed for home and would choose Miami for a future assignment if possible.   Ortega was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart, Combat Action Ribbon, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, NATO Non Article V Medal and the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon.

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12 Responses to “William F Ortega”
  1. C. says:

    My best friend, my partner in crime, my love, my everything. I miss you dearly. You had the most beautiful smile, and the most amazing spirit. You are truly one and only. The world doesnt realize what a person it lost that day. I think of you always. You will never be forgotten. Thank you for giving me such wonderful memories.

  2. HN Buertey M Tennyson says:

    My dear friend Ortega, we shared the same bunk in Bootcamp. We were friends. You made me tell you stories from Africa. Those days were wonderful and I loved the times that we shared together. Its been a year ago but it seemed yesterday. Comrade, you are still remembered.

  3. Fabiola C. says:

    It’s been a long time since you left us, but, you have not been forgotten. Your daughter is beautiful and well taken care of. Not a day passes by that I don’t see your smile, hear your laugh, and see that glimmer in your eye. It is lived on through the seed you planted and never got a chance to watch grow. May you be in paradise, with our Lord watching over your family including the babygirl you didn’t have the chance to meet. Love you.

  4. Meredith Janik says:

    May 25, 2013. I went to HN Ortega’s grave today at Arlington National Military Cemetary sction 60, with my children yesterday. It was quite busy. I knew approximately where he was buried but not the number. I wasn’t sure it putting personal items was allowed until we got there. So we just went to his gravesite, thanked him and said a prayer. We did not know HN Ortega personally. My husband served as a Nurse in the Navy and worked on Seven East at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda for 4 years as a Civilian. Had Oretga survived, my husband would have most certainly been his nurse. We are sorry that this could not be so. But we are forever grateful to him for his ultimate sacrifice. Like him, my family loves Florida. Like him, my family has one son amongst many sisters. HN Ortega, you are missed!

  5. LeeRoy Salinas says:

    Love and miss you everyday brother. I hope your family is doing well and that God provides them with comfort and strength during this hard time. Rest easy doc I love you

  6. My condolences to his family. It is a great loss of such a young life. May God’s peace and grace be with all of his friends and family at tis time. May you experience the peace of knowing that one day you will see him again in heaven.

    Thank you William for your sacrifice to this great country.

    Mrs. Delatorre

  7. Nicole says:

    Doc, I may not have ever met you, but my sister served with you, in Afghanistan. I remember the night she called me to tell me about your passing. My heart broke for you and your family.

    I may not have met you, but I will always remember your name. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.

  8. KARLOS ICE says:

    I will never forget this man this man changed my life and the way I saw the world. He was a good friend and I’ll never forget he help me from an allergic reaction from being stung by three Afghan wasps. He made me laugh even at my worst mindset. We talked about going back to San Diego and having a blast together many times. He was the coolest Corpsman I have a known and first known. I didn’t quite understand life until I met him and for that I thank him. See you soon brother.

  9. hey william its your niece nana i read all these good things these people said about you i wish you still lived so i can have grown up with you by my side.Maybe my life would be so different with you here i wouldn’t feel so empty but i know your in a better place so im going to keep on trying to stay strong for you but this pain is so much sometimes i cant handle it. But i love you so much i hope your happy up in the sky.

  10. Toy says:

    Glad I got to spend that last day with you collecting grapes and getting to know you better. Crazy it’s been over 8 years. Miss you Doc.

  11. HM3 Rashaud D. Peete says:

    Ortega was a stand-up guy. We met in Corps School and while he was pretty quiet, he was always on point and helped out when he could. I haven’t forgotten you, brother. May he rest in peace.


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