William T Warford III

William T Warford III

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U.S. Army
AD DUJAYL, IRAQ 09/05/2007

Army Corporal (CPL) William T. Warford III, of Temple, Texas, died in Balad, Iraq, on September 5, 2007, from wounds sustained from an improvised explosive device. Billy was 24 years old and stationed in Fort Hood, Texas. He was a tank mechanic, but changed military occupations after being asked to join on patrols.

Billy was born on September 13, 1982, in Lott, Texas, to William Warford II and Jere Beal, who also had a daughter, Crystal. He spent his childhood in Lott, where Billy enjoyed sports, animals, gardening, hunting, and fishing. He was a brave and loyal youth; at the age of 10, he chased teen-aged boys who were harassing his sister Crystal. These traits carried into adulthood and served him well in the military.

The Warford family moved to Temple when Billy was 14 years old. In Temple, he met and married Shellamae “Shea” Berry. The pair were wed on March 25, 2000. Billy and Shea had two children, Aubrey Anna “Abbey” and Anthony, who were 6 and 2 years old, respectively, at the time of their father’s death.

Billy joined the Army in September 2004 and deployed to Iraq in October 2006, where he was killed serving his country almost a year later. Billy had planned to re-enlist in the military and then become a police officer. His interest in the armed forces was inspired, in part, by the service of his grandfather, William Warfield, during World War II.

He is remembered for sharing his sweet tooth with others, whether buying ice cream for his children or giving candy to children in Iraq. Billy is buried in Cloverhill Cemetery in Lott, Texas.

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7 Responses to “William T Warford III”
  1. Cathy McEneny says:

    I felt so sad when I learned that my long lost cousin’s son had died. I have been looking for William Thorne Warford II, his dad, for about 50 years. His dad was my mother’s brother. I remember him and have some momentoes for my cousin.

  2. Jonathan Humphrey says:

    On this memorial day weekend I am thanking you again for making sure the rest of your buddies in 3-8 Cav got home safe. I miss and love you dude.

    Hump D Dump

  3. Johnathan Norris says:

    Billy was a good friend of mine. We both lived in the same apartment complex in temple tx. We carpooled to work every day and argued about who was going to win the Oklahoma Texas game. I ran into Billy in ballad Iraq at the dfac when I was on patrol and ended up in ballad on a mission. He told me he finally made it on a security team. That was about a month before he lost his life. I miss him. One thing that stands out to me the most about Billy is how much he loved his wife Shea and kids.

  4. Anthony Warford says:

    I can’t believe how cool he was yeahhhh

  5. Anthony Warford says:

    Seriously he was a great guy and I wish I could remember him but either way I’m glad my friend found and showed me this website.

  6. Annette Cooper says:

    I looked this fallen hero up while traveling on Tx State Hwy 77 through the Rosebud-Lott area and saw the road sign honoring Cpl William T Wardord lll. I am so honored and inspired by these men and women and their selfless service. I am also proud of the communities and the state of Texas for naming highways after these service men and women. If you see one of these signs on the road don’t just drive past and say “huh, that’s nice”. Stop, jot down the name then look them up later (when you are not driving ). Read their story, thank God for them and say a prayer for their families. It is always worth the effort.

  7. Megan McCreary says:

    He was my second cousin, and I remember him often. Everytime I got to see him, it was always the best time
    He meant so much to me. I was younger when it happened so I’m sure nobody really knew how much he impacted my life. I remember the fourth of July when family was around bbq-ing, kids on the trampoline at my uncles house and when he was there he made everyone laugh and smile. I miss him so much to this day. You will never be forgotten.

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