Kevin B. Joyce

Kevin B. Joyce

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LCPL Kevin Boyd Joyce, 19, of Klagetoh, AZ died June 25 in the Pech River, Afghanistan. He had fallen into the river from the vehicle in which he was riding and was swept away.

According to the report of the incident, LCPL Joyce’s unit was returning to its base around 11 pm in a vehicle that was traveling on the road that ran alongside the Pech River. The weight of the vehicle suddenly caused the edge of the road to collapse and the vehicle slid. Three Marines abandoned the vehicle including LCPL Joyce, who was swept away by the river current. The two other Marines were saved or managed to get out of the river. LCPL Joyce was MIA for 10 days. There was an extensive search for Kevin. LPL Joyce’s body was recovered nine days after the event near Torkham Gate, Afghanistan.

LCPL Joyce graduated from boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego on August. 20th. He reported to Hawaii 2 months later on October 28th. He was deployed with his unit to Afghanistan on June 2.

LCPL Joyce’s favorite song in boot camp was “I Can Only Imagine” by the group MercyMe. In the song, the singer reflects on what it will be like when he finally sees Jesus face to face – will he laugh, cry, praise, or simply find himself unable to speak?

LCPL Joyce leaves behind his mother Effelita George, an older brother, Nathan, a younger sister, Michelle, his maternal grandparents, Dan and Bessie George of Klagetoh and other family members and friends.

Emerson George described his nephew as a generous, caring, concerned and patriotic young man of the highest caliber.

“He told his mother and family the main reason why he went into the military is that he didn’t like to see fathers and the mothers go to war,” explained Emerson George. “He told them that he would readily take their place to serve his country, that they might not have to.”

“He was greatly loved by all the numerous aunts and uncles and their siblings,” he added. “His mother endured tremendous grief through this ordeal as well as the other family members, relatives and community.”

“Kevin proudly served his God, his nation and his country as a United States Marine with the highest integrity and dignity,” added Chaplain Irene Brodersen.

Yá’át’ééh! Dííjį́ yéego hózhǫ́ dooleeł!

You are a true Navajo Warrior. You will always be remembered by your people, the Dine. Semper Fidelis, brother. JW Yazzie – USMC Veteran


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