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The Fallen Heroes Portrait Project web site is for all visitors and has a variety of functions and purposes. 

The primary purpose is to provide information for Gold Star families (those who have lost a loved one due to the war on terror) on how to request a portrait from Michael Reagan of their fallen hero.  Families can click on the “Request a Portrait” link to find this information.  We basically need three pieces of information to do a portrait:  


  1. A good photo(s) of the fallen hero.

  2. A one page biography of the fallen hero.

  3. The mailing address for the completed portrait


The web site provides information about internationally acclaimed portrait artist Michael Reagan, why he started the project and how he draws each portrait.  The web site also shows some of the impact his work has had on families through the letters and media sections.


The web site also serves as a memorial for those fallen heroes who have had their portrait drawn by Michael Reagan.  There is a gallery section which contains each portrait and has a user friendly search feature to help you locate a particular fallen hero.  Each of these heroes also has an individual memorial page which contains their portrait, pertinent personal and military service related information and a one page biography to provide people some insight as to who they were personally. For each memorial page, loved ones and the general public have the opportunity to leave a memory, photo or comment.  All comments are reviewed prior to publication for appropriateness and content.


Finally, the web site lists those companies which have helped reach so many families through their generous donation of resources to the Fallen Heroes Portrait Project.  A donations page is available for those who would also like to contribute.

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