Mark A Mathis

Mark A Mathis

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Sequim, Washington, US
U.S. Army
SSGT, Army National Guard
6/26/2010, San Tan Valley, US

It deeply saddens us to announce the passing of Staff Sergeant Mark Aaron Mathis. On June 26, 2010 Mark passed away at his home in San Tan Valley, Arizona after a three year battle with injuries and illnesses received in Afghanistan during the support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Mark became a casualty of war.

Mark is survived by his mother, Judy Price; father, Jim Mathis; step-mother, Susan Hansberry-Mathis; two daughters, Sierra and Elaine Mathis; son Markus Close; sister, Jamie Mathis and brother-in-law, Gordon Nellis; brother, Reed Mathis and sister-in-law, Debbie Drake Mathis; step-sister, Emily Hudon and extended family, Elaine, Jim and Jeremy Copeland; countless aunt, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins and too many friends to list.

Mark was born September 2, 1971 in Everett Washington. At age four, with his adoring family, he moved to Sequim, Washington. He made many friends through his participation in sports, fishing, hunting and simply being Mark. He was a 1990 graduate of Sequim High School. After high school he went on to attend the College of Southern Idaho on a track and field scholarship. Upon graduation from college Mark started a family. Throughout his life his children always remained his top priority. Mark proudly served in the Army National Guard from 1999 until present, where he made hundreds of friends, whom he dearly loved.

Mark was laid to rest in Phoenix, Arizona on Thursday, July 8, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. Mark was preceded in death by grandparents, Talmadge and Lucille Mathis and Marv and Elaine Sanders

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  1. Jamie says:

    Dearest Brother,

    It’s been 14 months since we lost you, it still feels unreal. I know you’re looking down on us and looking out for us. I also, know how proud of us you are…it’s amazing how strong a Soldiers Family can be. Please know that we are all so very proud of you as well, you are, and forever will be, our hero.

    I miss your laugh, your smile and your jokes but most of all I miss seeing you…I use to call you just to tell you something I thought was funny, just to hear you laugh. I wish with all my heart that I could hear that just one more time. Sometimes I hear you in my dreams but wake up to find the nightmare of reality. I will never understand loosing you. I know it’s something that I have to face but I just can’t do it yet. There are so many questions I wish I could ask you and so many things left unsaid…I talk to you still and I hope you hear everything I say, I think you do. I made you a promise that I would look after your children, and I am…although I’m no replacement for you, but I do my best. They are a part of you and when they are around I know have a piece of you. They are such good kids Mark, I know how proud of them you are and how much you truly loved them. They are precious to us as well. My children also miss you so very much. Living without their Uncle Mark was not something they were prepared to do either. I just hope the closure we are looking for comes soon, we all desperately need it.

    I love you brother and miss you so very much,



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