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Aaron A. Gorklo



07/10/2016, HUNTSVILLE, AL, U.S.A.

Aaron Alexander Gorklo, 19, of Huntsville, Alabama was born November 29, 1996. He passed away on July 10, 2016.

Aaron Gorklo was a “super smart, kind and loving,” kid who loved the military from an early age. The teenager volunteered at the U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum in Huntsville on weekends, relishing the time he got to spend with the veterans.

“He called it ‘his church,’” according to Wendy Galloway, Aaron’s mother.

“He was an amazing young man,” Wendy Galloway added. “He did have troubles. He wasn’t perfect and neither was I. I don’t want to only say the good things, because I don’t want people to think I lived in a dream. I want to be real. He loved his country. He loved his family. He just really wanted to be loved and he didn’t feel loved.”


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