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Aaron J Blasjo

Riverside, CA, US

U.S. Army


05/29/2011, WARDAK PROVINCE, Afghanistan

The words of SGT Aaron Joseph Blasjo’s father and uncle describe a soldier with a beautiful heart, devoted to his family, his nation with a clear vision of who he was and what his mission was in life. His father, Richard Fletcher wrote the following words a day after the death of his son:

To my beloved son Aaron Joseph Blasjo a fine son, wonderful father, loving husband, and a courageous soldier. It is with a very heavy heart and through teary eyes that I try to write to my son who is now in heaven with our heavenly father smiling down on us. I was so proud of my son who served our country not because he had to but because he wanted to and gave his life for it. There aren’t enough words or space here to convey how proud I was of my son and how he grew into the kind of man that people looked up to including me. I am so glad that my daughter Kristy and I went out to see him before he deployed and I will treasure those moments forever. My heart hurts so much but our support needs to go to his loving wife Crystal and their newborn son Talon Jefferey who will need all the support we can give them and more. Goodbye son, until we meet again. Love, Dad

Aaron’s uncle Darrell Blasjo described his nephew,”When he finished his training, he got pretty tough, pretty cut.” Having decided to enlist in the military, Aaron asked his uncle for his thoughts on his choice of career, “I said I thought it was a wonderful thing.”

“He had become a gentleman. He learned to open the door for other people. He had a greater presence about himself and awareness that you don’t see especially among today’s youth. He was a very positive force, just his overall presence.”

Darrell Blasjo explained that Aaron had told him that there were three highlights of his life. The first was the birth of his son. The second was the first time he leapt from an airplane in training. “And the other was taking my car to the prom,” he added. “He liked my car. It’s the last year of the Trans Am, a 2002 convertible collector’s edition. I let him take it for his prom.”

SGT Blasjo’s wife Crystal describes a vibrant human being, “Everything was just open to him and he loved life.” She will teach their son about his father, “(he) will know his father. I won’t miss a detail.”


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