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Abraham M. Kaschmitter




07/13/2009, BETHESDA, MD, U.S.A.

SGT Abraham M. Kaschmitter, age 24, passed away Monday, July 13, 2009, in Bethesda, Maryland. He was a 2003 graduate of Davenport High School, Davenport, Washington and a member of the Trinity Bible Fellowship.

He is survived by his wife, Amanda; his parents, Don and Jan; his brother, SGT Joshua Kaschmitter, and two sisters, Jeanne and Megan, all of Davenport; as well as his grandmother, Patricia.

“Abe touched more people and accomplished more than most people will do in 100 years,” SMSGT Bill Dehler said. “He was a hometown hero.” Abe Kaschmitter was a son, brother, a husband and a United States Marine.

By the time Abe was 16 he told a Marine recruiter he wanted to enlist but was turned away because of his age. So he came back a year later ready to join after graduating high school. His greatest accomplishment according to family was his tour in Iraq. “Abe never got a chance to deploy again, but I know he would have without hesitation,” Abe’s older brother Josh said. Josh, a sergeant in the Army, flew back from Iraq to be at his brother’s memorial service. “Abe was a tough and stubborn kid which turned him into a tough and stubborn, never give up always wanting to be better and extremely proud Marine,” Josh said.

SGT Kashmitter is remembered in these reflections:

GENE BEESLEY: I wish I could have met my brother in law. Every time my family talks about him, my heart aches, because I’ll never get to meet him. I just hope that I can make him very proud.


SMSG BILL DEHLER, USAF: I serve in the U.S. Air Force Chaplain Corps and was a neighbor and friend of Abe as he was growing up. I was honored to do the memorial service for him and his family who are true American Patriots. See you someday in Heaven Abe, Semper Fi.

SSG ROBERT D. SPARKMAN, VMM-263: I agree that SGT K-10 (as we called him) would have deployed again in a heart beat. SGT K was very motivated and always smiling in the shop. It was amazing to me how easily he let things just roll off his shoulders. We all miss him and every so often we’ll bust into a “Remember the time Kaschmitter….” We have some fond memories. Hoping y’all are doing well.

GUNNERY SGT JAYSON L. FOX: I was that Marine recruiter that had the HONOR of putting this young man in the Marine Corps, but I got the opportunity to Honor him once again after he passed by Escorting him back to his parent’s in Spokane, Washington from Maryland. We knew Abe very well, and we always had him over, to the point where he considered us his second parents, and we gladly took on the role of his parents, away from home. He will be forever a part of our family, and always in our prayers.

Rest in peace Sergeant Abraham M. Kaschmitter. We love you.

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