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Alan N Dikcis


U.S. Army



“He was an amazing soldier. His sergeants loved him, anyone that worked with him loved to work with him, he was funny but he got the job done,” Gricela Dikcis described her stepson.

Dikcis graduated from Niagara Wheatfield High School in 2006. SPC Dikcis served as a wheeled vehicle mechanic having deployed in July 2009. Dikcis enlisted in 2007 and was assigned to Ft. Drum, NY in 2008.

“They were out on a mission, Alan was in the vehicle, I don’t know how many people were with him, how many other soldiers were with him and it was blown up by an IED. He was pronounced dead en route by Medevac on the way to the hospital,” Dikcis said.

Mrs. Dikcis explained that her stepson loved his job so much he re-enlisted after serving 3 years. He had dreams of becoming a helicopter mechanic. Dikcis says she was talking to Alan just before the mission. She says he expressed concern for their safety. “He was saying that he had to go because they just informed him that he was gonna be going out again and he didn’t understand why because they weren’t prepared and he knew somebody was gonna get hurt.”

According to Mrs. Dikcis Alan loved his family, friends, enjoyed the beach and riding his motorcycle with his buddies. But most of all he loved his 3 year old daughter Sofia.”He liked taking his daughter to the park.”

Mr. and Mrs. Dikcis have six children. With three sons in the military they knew something like this was possible but never thought in would happen to their family.

As the family prepares to bring Alan home, she tries to find solace in knowing Alan died doing what he loved. “He died for his country he was very proud of what he was doing. He believed in what he was doing, he was just the same as any other kid, father, son, daughter that’s in the service. They’re doing it so we can be free,” added Mrs.Dikcis.

Mr. Robert Dikcis, Alan’s father traveled to Dover, Delaware to receive his son’s body. SPC Alan Nathan Dikcis’ body will be flown to Western New York for burial.


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