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Albert M Parsons

Brandon, Missouri, US


Entergy Mississippi Power Company

8/16/2010, Brandon, US

Bert was not a military hero but he was a civilian hero. He was very patriotic, and grateful to all the soldiers past and present that have fought for our freedom. Including his father, uncles and other family and friends. Bert was a hero not only to his family and friends but also to countless others. During his 25 years with Entergy Mississippi Power Company he helped to restore lifesaving power to hurricane, tornado and ice storm victims. He also went with his parents on mission trips with the Mississippi Nail Benders organization.

He was born February 12, 1960 in Ferriday, Louisiana. His father, Albert M. Parsons, Sr., was working with Bellsouth Telephone Company. His mother, Louise, was blessed with the opportunity to stay at home with her children. His 15-month-old sister, Jane, welcomed him home then 11 years later he became a big brother when Tommy arrived. Bert was always there when any of them needed him.

At a young age Bert developed a rare disease that for years he couldn’t play outside. His mother said that because of this she would make a playground area for him, his sister, Jane, friends and family inside. She said “Bert never complained and took it like a little gentleman.” When he was better he played little league baseball, hunted with his daddy, Jane and Tommy, and rode motorcycles.

On April 11, 1986 he married his soul mate and best friend, Pam Snow. Then November 25, 1987 they welcomed a beautiful baby boy, William Milo. Bert was so proud to be a father. During his birth William’s umbilical cord was wrapped around him and was half the size it should have been. As a result of this six months later he was diagnosed with a light case cerebral palsy and cataracts. Pam and Bert did daily therapy at home for the cerebral palsy and you can hardly tell it today. William had surgery on his eyes, he still has some trouble with those. They dedicated themselves to make sure he was given every opportunity to succeed. And they did, one year after Bert’s death William graduated with a Bachelors degree in Theology from William Carey University. He was so proud of the man his little boy had become, and that he was in college.

Bert enjoyed hunting, gun collecting, reading and watching sports. If there was family or friends to be visited with though that was his favorite hobby and he would gladly give up whatever he was doing. He was a man of integrity and honesty, there was never any doubt that Bert stood for what was right. While with Entergy he worked as a lineman and a trouble man. Also served on the board of the IBEW local 605 and later as vice-president. He was very dedicated to everything he did. Tommy worked with Bert and now is on the board of the union, he was proud to be working with his brother. You would be hard pressed to find a more kind and gentle man. The impact that was left on anyone that was privileged enough to know him was enormous. Bert was so loved by his nieces, nephews, great nieces, great nephews and little cousins. He was even called “Uncle Sweetheart” by a couple of his nieces. He was a great role model for everyone.

Bert left us on August 16, 2010 of a heat stroke that caused a massive heart attack at work. He was covering for another crew that was off after a storm. There were so many heart touching stories shared with the family during the first days after his death. It was at the funeral that we realized that he was not only so very special to us but also to others. He truly left his mark on this world, His funeral was very touching and beautiful, a true testament to the great man he was. His father Albert, a Baptist minister, led the funeral, brother Tommy spoke, niece and cousin sang and another cousin spoke. All shared their beautiful memories of him. His son, William, also a Baptist minister had such power and passion, especially when he told of a time when he was looking through Bert’s bible and found ordination papers. At first glance he thought they were his grandfathers, but realized they belonged to his daddy. He thought Bert had given up on the ministry. After visiting with all the family and friends that had come to pay their respects he came to the realization that his daddy served through his actions instead of from a pulpit of a church. So many told of times when Bert would call or come by to visit whether at home or hospital. If someone needed a little extra cash he would discretely leave some never expecting any recognition or praise for it. One of the greatest testaments of his love and devotion, William has earned his degree and is working in a field that allows him to help children with special needs. William also created a scholarship fund in his daddy’s name. Bert’s father ended the funeral service at graveside by reading the song “I’ve Got More To Go To Heaven For Than I Had Yesterday”. We miss him so much everyday, but there is no doubt that he will be at the pearly gates to welcome us to Heaven! One more legacy that Bert left was that he was an organ donor and there are now two people with the gift of sight, which is very fitting since William had so many problems with his sight.


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